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Laid Bare

December 23rd, 2007

Warning/Bonus: naked doll

Laid Bare -- Tahlvin Shadowtalon
(available as a wallpaper)

Well, it's come time to introduce Tahlvin Shadowtalon, the elf mercenary. He is still without his face-up or other customizations, but I just couldn't help taking (many, many) pictures of him. There's something beautiful and haunting about dolls that are bare. And by "bare" I not only mean unclothed but sans paint.

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The Search for Jason

December 10th, 2007

Someday, I'd also love to have a BJD that could represent Jason. He's a hard one to find a doll for though. Firstly, I don't know of any molds that would really fit his character. Secondly, he'd have to be about 68-70cm so that he'd be in the same size range as Brandee and Tahlvin and that really narrows down the field of possible dolls.

There's one doll that has caught my eye. He's Spinel, a new BJD done as a joint project between Soom & Elfdoll. The face-up would have to be different, of course. The current one is wonderful, but looks a little too "good" for Jason. I love Spinel's profile, chin, jaw and lips though. The only problem with him is he's only 65cm tall. That's 3cm shorter than Brandee. Damn! He has a nice looking body too (great abs!). I wonder if his head would fit on (and match in resin tone) a Hound/Dollshe body (like Ethyn's) or a Unidoll Jace body (like Dominik's)?

Spinel has also been released as a basic edition at Soom, and oddly, looks a bit like Prince in the sales pictures. Kind of weird. Prince is cute, but… On further reflection, although I like the mold (but not as Prince), I don't think this one will work as Jason. He just doesn't have that certain spark that Jason has.

And then there's also the tan Mano to consider (I mentioned him in my previous post). Here are some additional pictures of the new tanned Mano:

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Dreams in Digital

December 6th, 2007

These are long overdue. I took these pictures on the Dungeness Spit while we were on the Olympic Peninsula way back in September.

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Worlds Apart: Brandee and Tahlvin

November 30th, 2007

Warning/Plea: Very long, rambling post, but I'd love your opinions on some things if you have time so I hope you're able to wade through it.

As some of you may have guessed (i.e. amalinaball 😉 ), I'm working on putting together BJDs of Tahlvin and Brandee from Worlds Apart (an urban fantasy story illustrated with pictures taken inside the Sims 2 game).

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Hello/Goodbye, Mano

November 29th, 2007

Recently, I had a doll that came home and then left about two months later. Meet Mano:

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