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In short, this is mainly a site where I can post my musings about the ball joint doll (BJD) hobby and a place to display the many pictures that I take of my dolls.

I've been interested in BJDs for many years now, but only recently got heavily into the hobby. One of the reasons it took me so long to get a doll was I just couldn't justify the expense. Also, it seemed like a confusing and scary hobby to get into at the time—it was very hard for hobbyists outside of Asia to purchase the dolls outside of the secondary market. Then there was the language barrier and, of course, the expense. These days, though the expense is still there, there are many specialty doll stores in America that carry BJDs. Plus, many of the Asian companies have English websites. A combination of these factors, plus my finding a doll that made me go "wow" (Dom, my Unidoll Jace), made me take another hard look at the hobby.

At first, I was only going to get one doll. That resolve didn't last too long. I soon found another doll that I fell in love with—the Dollshe Hound. And, so I ordered Ethyn. Then another doll hit the market—Limho Mano—and it was love at first sight for the third time. On my wishlist are a Dollshe Bermann (my dream doll—he had a very limited run and is almost impossible to get now especially at a reasonable price) and a Dollshe Husky or IM Hound.

I have put restraints on my collection however. I only want dolls that are in the same size range (my Hound is 70cm while Jace and Mano are 68cm). This is so they can share the same clothes, wigs, etc. They are also all males. This isn't a requirement but I haven't seen a female doll that has kindled my interest enough that I just had to have her. Also, I really like having male dolls and believe they will always make up the majority of my collection.