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Little Thief

February 14th, 2015

Little Thief (1 of 2)

Looks like Haruka stole someone's dress. Poor Madoka! 😉

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February 13th, 2015


Madoka is my second Cu-poche, and I'm loving how cute she is. In real-life, her pink coloring comes across more muted (I would say it's a dusty rose), but I like her looking more vibrant in pictures.

I've not seen the anime that she is from, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but I've heard a little about it. I guess it's a magical girl anime that in turn deconstructs the genre. I've still not made up my mind if I will ever watch it—it sounds super-sad. For now, I'll just finish watching one of my favorite magical girl animes, Sailor Moon Crystal, which I'm greatly enjoying (it's adorable and nostalgic).

Cute Figures

February 6th, 2015

Cuteness! (1 of 3)

I've been noticing a lot of Nendoroids and Figma photos in my flickr friends list lately. They are just so cute! I had to get in on the act.

I decided to get a Cu-poche instead of Nendoroid mainly because I wanted a figure with more poseablility. Plus, I fell in love with Haruka-chan's happy little face. She's just so cute! I also got Madoka, but she arrived after I had taken these pictures. (I've not seen either of the animes that they are in—I just thought the were cute.)

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Dollroom Close-ups (Part 8)

July 18th, 2014

Dollroom Close-ups, Part 7 (1 of 4)

(Left to right:  Captain Jack Sparrow, Angelica, Indiana Jones)

After finding an ancient compass in an archeaological dig, Indy is swept back in time where he meets the original owner of the compass–Captain Jack. Somewhat grudgingly, he ends up going on an adventure with pirates to find a priceless treasure that should also be able to send him back home.

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Afterword with Loki

March 28th, 2014

Afterword with Loki

Me: "Okay, Loki, what's going on?"

Loki: "With what?"

Me: "Oh, come on. You know…with Berry."

Loki: "I just brought her some presents. What's wrong with that?"

Me: "If you were anyone else, I might not expect them of an ulterior motive, but, well, you're you…"

Loki: "Indeed, I am."

Me: *rolls eyes* "Loki…"

Loki: "Very well. I'll just say that a dragon would be very helpful in gaining my rightful place as king of the dollroom. And then, of course, there's always Ragnarok."

Me: "That's what I thought. You dolls can work out whatever hierarchy you want, as for Ragnarok… But leave Berry alone—she's off limits. Understand?"

Loki: *sighs* "She's not necessary to my plans; she just would have made things either. I'll respect your wishes."

Me: "It sounds like you mean just 'for now'."

Loki: *shrugs* "I mean what I say. Now, I'm getting bored. It's time to annoy Natasha and Steve."