The Monster

October 19th, 2009

The Monster (2 of 5)

Edmond le Strange (from my story "The Monster and the Maiden") has finally become real (well, in the resin-sense anyway…haha). A Dollshe Saint was the only doll that I thought would do justice to my character. It's so great to finally have him around!

I opted against getting the new Dollshe body for him since it's too tall for me (74cm, I think). I'd like my guys to remain in the 65-70cm range so they can share clothes. I considered getting an old-version Saint, but all the ones I saw on the second-hand market were going for a lot more money than I felt comfortable paying.

Instead, I got him a Soom Heliot body (the one with the longer legs so that he stands 68cm). It actually works perfectly as I wanted him to be taller than Julian, but shorter than Tahlvin. Perhaps when Dollshe releases the new 70cm body, I'll consider switching, but I do love muscles of the Soom body.

Now I just have to find a doll to shell his lover Emily Shadowtalon (Tahlvin's daughter… 😉 ).

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