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A Robot and Her Pony

February 7th, 2011

I want you to meet two new little ones that have joined my collection:

I'm a huge fan of My Little Pony, especially the originals. When I saw the cutest little jointed pony on Etsy, I couldn't resist. He's the smallest of all my ball-joint dolls at only 10cm tall, which includes his ears, and made by the super-talented DaisyDayes. McPonysons (a big name for such a wee guy—he goes by "Mik" for short) arrived a few weeks ago. I spent the weekend before last putting wire in his legs so that I could pose him easier.

Also come to live with us is Danbo, the cardboard robot. I fell in love with her after seeing so many adorable Danbo pictures on flickr. She's amazingly fun and quite full of expression even though her face is only made-up of circles and a triangle. She has kind of a naiveté about her that I find charming.

Danbo Meets McPonysons (1 of 6)

Danbo has attracted a wild pony!

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Well, here it is: my first photostory. In case you're not familiar with my dolls or their characters, this chapter stars:

Ethyn Regret, an actor who is currently trying to deal with a scandal concerning him and his rock star roommate. He is also getting ready to go on location to film his new movie.

Tahlvin Shadowtalon, an elf who works for the Wraith Warriors, a company that provides mercenaries and operatives to other businesses or governments for a fee. He seems quite amused by the drama that seems to have recently gripped the household.

Julian Nomad is the lead singer and songwriter for the industrial rock band NOMAD. As the other person caught up in the scandal, he's been trying to figure out how to talk to Ethyn about it all.

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