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Kat Got Your Tongue?

October 22nd, 2009

Kat Got Your Tongue? (1 of 12)

Well, I had Katriss's face-up redone (by Shallowsleep at DoA, the same artist who did Thane's). I decided I wanted her to look more goth, glamorous and sexy than she did before. I also redid her blushing and made it much more subtle. I still have to redo her hooves and horns although I haven't decided on what colors to use yet. So, for now, she's in her human guise.

Anyway, I just love her now. When I see her standing on my nightstand (where she hangs out with Julian, Kaylee and Caroline), I often just stand and marvel over her for a few moments. She finally completely clicked for me.

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The Monster

October 19th, 2009

The Monster (2 of 5)

Edmond le Strange (from my story "The Monster and the Maiden") has finally become real (well, in the resin-sense anyway…haha). A Dollshe Saint was the only doll that I thought would do justice to my character. It's so great to finally have him around!

I opted against getting the new Dollshe body for him since it's too tall for me (74cm, I think). I'd like my guys to remain in the 65-70cm range so they can share clothes. I considered getting an old-version Saint, but all the ones I saw on the second-hand market were going for a lot more money than I felt comfortable paying.

Instead, I got him a Soom Heliot body (the one with the longer legs so that he stands 68cm). It actually works perfectly as I wanted him to be taller than Julian, but shorter than Tahlvin. Perhaps when Dollshe releases the new 70cm body, I'll consider switching, but I do love muscles of the Soom body.

Now I just have to find a doll to shell his lover Emily Shadowtalon (Tahlvin's daughter… 😉 ).

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Bohemian Rhapsody

October 14th, 2009

Bohemian Rhapsody (1 of 6)

Kaylee looks good in a carrot wig too, don't you think? Also, I want to point out that her cute "♥ my cat" necklace was made for her by my awesome sis. :XO:

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Love at First Bite

October 12th, 2009

Love at First Bite (3 of 9)

Caroline, the newest member of my dolly family, arrived at the beginning of September. She's a Minifee Woosoo Vampire Elf by Fairyland, and has Beautiful White (BW) skin as opposed to Kaylee's normal skin (NS).

Anyway, I'd wanted her for quite a while and I'm very happy to finally have her here. I think she's all kinds of adorable. I'm also totally loving her default face-up from Fairyland. It was actually one of the reasons I wanted her in the first place.

Net result of getting her: I think I'm addicted to Minifees—I want more. :roll:

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System Models…

October 7th, 2009

System Models... (1 of 4)

Before System left to go home last Friday, I had him help me model some SD13-sized shirts by See No Evil Designs that I'm offering for sale on DoA. (I had initially gotten them for Julian, my Soom Spinel, before he arrived but they totally don't fit him.) System's also wearing Kaylee's (my MNF Shushu's) hat and Julian's jeans.

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