System Blushes

October 5th, 2009

Warning: Naked Doll.

System Blushes (1 of 7)

My aunt's Lati Red Aida, aka System, was visiting me the last couple of months. She sent him to me so I could blush him and enhance his face-up a bit. It was fun to work on a doll that wasn't my own. Plus, I love Latidolls so it was great to work on one that's a lot bigger than Wednesday (my Lati Green Coco).

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Sneak Peek

October 1st, 2009

Sneak Peek (1 of 2)

Until very recently, I've been going back and forth over whether I should sell my Sard or not. His previous face-up was just not working for me so I got a new one for him. When he arrived home several months ago from his new face-up, his body was pulled apart in preparation for blushing (which I never ended up doing). Actually, it wasn't until just his past weekend that I restrung him, and only then because I was going to put a feeler thread up on DoA and I needed to get pictures of him. However, once I put him back together, dressed him and found the perfect wig, well…I fell in love!

So, he stays!

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September 28th, 2009

Rosenrot (1 of 15)

Kaylee stars in Julian's new video "Rosenrot" (Rose Red) as a Lolita-like character who tempts Julian's character into a forbidden romance. :halo:

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Mom's Birthday Surprise

September 20th, 2009

Mom's B-Day (1 of 2)

It was my mom's birthday yesterday (she and my dad are visiting from out-of-town; they have been touring the country in their 5th-wheel camper), so I set the Wee Ones up on the table to wish her a Happy Birthday. Notice that her slice of cake, and the little chair with the crown is all ready for her. 😉

You can also see her presents in the background. They are from my sis and I. We got her some Re-ment and Ginny clothes.

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Attitude to Spare

September 13th, 2009

Attitude (1 of 4)

Since I love the sculpt so much, I decided to get Viktor's Pierrot head repainted (by the wonderfully talented SDink) so that I could get more use from it. I loved the Pierrot face-up too, but…well, it's easier to use a natural-looking face-up especially since Viktor's not a fantasy character.

Anyway, I think he has quite a lot of attitude now. In fact, I think he looks quite cocky and rather rakish. I love it!

He also got new glass eyes from Ginarolo. Yay! I love glass eyes so much.

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