Sneak Peek

October 1st, 2009

Sneak Peek (1 of 2)

Until very recently, I've been going back and forth over whether I should sell my Sard or not. His previous face-up was just not working for me so I got a new one for him. When he arrived home several months ago from his new face-up, his body was pulled apart in preparation for blushing (which I never ended up doing). Actually, it wasn't until just his past weekend that I restrung him, and only then because I was going to put a feeler thread up on DoA and I needed to get pictures of him. However, once I put him back together, dressed him and found the perfect wig, well…I fell in love!

So, he stays!

Sneak Peek (2 of 2)

I'm so happy to be excited about him again. I thought he was going to be one of those dolls I was meant to admire from afar. It was very frustrating when I couldn't get him to work for me.

Anyway, he's once again pulled apart as I'm working on his blushing (yes, for real this time! haha). I can't wait until I'm done so he can be a complete doll again.

Oh, and I'm renaming him. I don't really like his old name (Merek) any more. So, now he's "Thane", which is short for Thanatos, the Greek god of the dead. With his monochromatic coloring, he seems like a death god to me.


If you're curious, here is the reference picture I made for the face-up artist (ShallowSleep from DoA) to work from when I sent her Thane. It is a mock-up that I made using the Sims 2.

Sneak Peek Omake...

She did an awesome job bringing my wishes to life (or to resin…haha).


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7 Responses to “Sneak Peek”

  1. Mom says:

    Oh my gosh, his eyes are erie yet beautiful. He is unique , why did I not focus on him while at our house he is not one you would forget. Have a great time "blushing him" 🙂 Love, Mom :XO:

    Do you remember seeing a doll who was in pieces in my room? That was him. haha So, you didn't get to see him like this. When you were here, I was still considering selling him.


  2. Lani says:

    He looks really great. And I love his new name. Reminds me of Hel, the goddess of the Dead in Nordic mythology.

    I hope to see more of Thane soon!

    Thank you, Lani! I love Nordic mythology. I was actually thinking about a name along those lines at first but then got distracted by the Greek mythos.

    I'm about 2/3 done blushing Thane's body but the last few days of intermittent rain have slowed me down a bit. Please, weather, just let me finish! 😉


  3. Maranwet says:

    Oh my! He's a perfect God of Death! That kind of god you can fell in love with :XO: I'm glad his face-up is working out for you now 😀

    Thanks so much, Maria! I'm glad he's working for me now too. He was a dream doll for me and it was so annoying that I wasn't liking him. In the end though, the struggle to find his personality and look was worth it though. 🙂


  4. amalinaball says:

    Oh, wowzers! He's so hauntingly beautiful to look at! 😯 I especially love how hollow his cheeks seem to be (I've always had a thing for nice cheekbones). He is quite, quite amazing.

    I also love the Classical reference with his new name – reminds me a lot of the Iliad. "Thanatos" suits your Sard wonderfully!

    Thank you, amalinaball! I've always loved the hollow of the cheeks too and how they emphasize the cheekbones, which I guess is why I made that "hollow of the cheeks" make-up for the Sims. haha


  5. Reyoko says:

    She did do a fantastic job! 🙂 He looks so devilishly handsome! And the eye tattoo is TOTALLY cool! Just like all of your things. The style is just sooo… I can't say completely goth but… something… can't really find any words to describe just how… COOL it is! 😛

    I can't wait to see his overall body! Especially that outfit you dressed him up here. Looks interest. I wanna see it in full!

    Yeah, it's not really a goth look. I'm not really sure what type of look it is, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. 🙂

    His body blushing turned out really good, I think. I hope you'll like it too. I need to take pictures of it soon.

    I have so many pictures to post. I better get on the ball. haha


  6. Cher says:

    Now, you know I don't usually like the "dark" look. But in this case it suits him to a tea.
    He is indeed individually stunning.

  7. kw says:

    Damn, if you ever need someone to adopt/ buy him in the future, even years from now 😀 Let me know 😉

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