Birthday Girl

June 21st, 2011

Birthday Girl (1 of 5)

Yesterday was my birthday, and the Wee Ones were excited to celebrate it. They love my birthday because not only do they get cake but they know that it will more than likely mean presents for themselves as well. And, in this case they were right!

Over the next few days, I'll post pictures of my dolls with their (my!) new gifts.

Meanwhile, in the picture above, the stuffed good luck cat and the stuffed piglet are from my sister (so cute!). The dress that Wednesday (Lati Green Coco) is wearing is from my mom (I love it!).

Birthday Girl (2 of 5)

Cute little Molly in her baby doll dress. I've added eyelashes to her. Still trying to decide if I like her with or without more.

Birthday Girl (3 of 5)

Meet Biscuit! This is the first time I've introduced her even though I got her in March. She was a Valentine's Day gift from my husband.

Birthday Girl (4 of 5)

Lovely little Alice! I just noticed, but it looks like she was nibbling on the pink cupcake. Sneaky piglet! XD

Birthday Girl (5 of 5)

Wednesday and her new little sis Scout. 🙂



This year, my mom sent me a card that she made herself (look, Mom, I used my new scanner…heehee).

Birthday Card from Mom (1 of 2)

I love it so much! It's so cute that she included a picture of both of our dolls (Tuesday and Wednesday) together.

Birthday Card from Mom (1 of 2)

Aw! :XO: This is a card that I'll keep forever.



picnic dress by piposdoll
eyes by Enchanted Doll Eyes (14mm Milky #21 [iris] with Milky #9 [rim])
face-up by Piposdoll

romper outfit by Apple Bin@piposdoll
eyes by ? (14mm lavendar glass)
face-up by Docshul for Piposdoll

outfit by Wicked Stitchery
shoes by Luts? (they are the shoes that originally came with her)
wig by Monique Gold (6-7" Tori in Maple Blonde)
eyes by Ethereal Angels (16mm Wolf Grey Gumdrops)
face-up by Latidoll

outfit by DollyGoRound@etsy
hair bow by Jadeness Couture
wig by Fatiao@eBay (5-6" Caramel)
eyes by Dollshe (12mm Earth)
face-up by Latidoll w/ enhancements by me

dress by Lalami
bows by Pretty in Pink Crafts
eyes by Enchanted Doll Eyes (16mm Sweety #40)
face-up by Elfdoll


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3 Responses to “Birthday Girl”

  1. Mom says:

    FANTASTIC See Flicker comments. 🙂 :XO:

  2. Kiwi says:

    I think it's so awesome that your family both supports and enjoys your hobby. Kudos to your mom! And kudos to you as well, for capturing so many little details in your shots. Wow! How long do your photoshoots take you?

  3. Kara says:

    @Mom: Thank you, Mom! I answered you on Flickr. 😀

    @Kiwi: It's so much fun having a Mom and Sis who love and collect dolls too. Since we collect different dolls, I get to play with dolls I might otherwise never get to see in person.

    And, thank you so much! It's a lot of work, but I have fun setting up and taking pictures. Some photoshoots take longer than others. The ones that have a lot of props or scene changes can take all day. All of the photos that you are seeing this week I took on Monday (June 20th); it was a full day of taking pictures. Phew! Then I have to edit all the pictures and that takes even longer.

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