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Molly: I think she wants my toast.

Alice: Cats don't like toast.

Molly: I like toast.

Alice: I meant real cats.

Molly: …

Breakfast (2 of 2)

Molly: Wait! Before you take another picture: we don't have jam or crumbs all over our faces, do we?

Alice: Yeah, I don't want to look like a pig.


This past weekend, while my husband played Portal and Half Life 2, I watched him (OMG, Portal is hilarious) and worked on my dolls. I put wire up Molly and Alice's limbs. They are no longer kicky and stand much easier (without a leg wanting to collapse). It's also much easier to dress them now since their limbs stay straight instead of collapsing when I tug clothes over them.

Breakfast: Extras (1 of 5)

I also found out recently that Molly, my Pipos Ringo, can wear Lati Yellow-sized clothes. I've already ordered some clothing for my incoming Lati Yellow Byurl, and Molly fits into most of it. The pants are long, but can still work if they are bunched around her ankles.

In the above picture, Alice's Wa-Loli kimono is by keelyvh, and Molly's dress is by Jadeness Couture.

Breakfast: Extras (2 of 5)

I had way too much fun setting up all the Re-Ment stuff. :)

Breakfast: Extras (3 of 5)


Breakfast: Extras (4 of 5)


Breakfast: Extras (5 of 5)


2 Responses to “The Secret Life of Toys: Breakfast”

  1. Mom says:

    Ok lets try again, maybe I sent it from my phone. OMG the breakfast set up makes me want to be with them. Alice cracks me up with her teakettle in that precious outfit. Molly fits in Lati Yellow–Would my Pipos Kitty?She looks adorable. The Re-Ment things are just like the minatures we went to see and the "Kittens" are perfect in the set ups. I love having fun looking at all of the settings and Cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great photo stories. :up:

  2. Kara says:

    Yep, it came through this time. :) Don't know why it didn't work before. But I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you, Mom!

    Your Pipos Baha is bigger than my Pipos Ringo (here's an example of their height differences: my kitty is second from left and yours is third). Do a search for "Lati Yellow SP" on Etsy; she should fit into those clothes. Whereas the regular Lati Yellow is only 16cm, the SP version of Lati Yellow is 20cm tall, which is about the same height as Pipos Baha. Anyway, there's quite a few clothes there for Lati Yellow SP.

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