Kittens' New Clothes

May 21st, 2015

Recently, while I was changing some of my dolls' clothes, I took a few quick cellphone pics to text to my mom and sister so they could see my kitty dolls in their new outfits. I thought I'd share them here as well. :)

New Clothes for Kittens (1 of 2)

This dress was so difficult to get on Marmie (her paws are so big that I had to stuff them through the sleeves). I almost regret putting it on her since I'm afraid I might have to cut the seams in the arms to get it off. XD Until then, at least she looks adorable. She's also looking for someone to read to her.

New Clothes for Kittens (2 of 2)

I should have taken a side-view shot of Biscuit. Her tummy looks so round in this shirt-dress—it's precious. Of course, her tummy is so round because she's always eating (when she's not sleeping, that is).


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