The New Girl, Part 02

December 24th, 2010

(Part 01 starts here.)

[…]: Argh!

Kaylee: Here let me help.

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The New Girl, Part 01

December 23rd, 2010

Author's Note: My new girl arrived on Tuesday (Dec. 21). I wanted to do a box opening to celebrate her arrival, but I wanted to do something a little different…

The dolls:
Wednesday: Lati Green Coco
Kaylee: Minifee Shushu

The New Girl, Part 01 (1 of 16)

Kaylee: Wednesday.

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Doll Chat, Part 1

December 2nd, 2010

A lot is happening on the doll front even though I've been neglectful of taking pictures lately.

» I sold Caroline (my Minifee Woosoo Vampire Elf). I fully intended to replace her with a normal skin version of the same doll (since I coveted Selene, my sister's Woosoo, who has normal skin) but instead I started seeing owner pictures of the new Minifee Chloe that just started arriving about a month ago and fell in love. So…

» I ordered a Minifee Chloe (not the full set though; I got her a la carte). You can see some really pretty owner pictures of her (the last 15). I'm hoping she'll arrive here by mid-December, but I've heard that Fairyland is kind of behind on orders right now, so she may not get here until next month. I can still hope though!

» In other Fairyland news, they are getting ready to release a new 65cm line of dolls. I've fallen for the elf girl. I think she's gorgeous! There are only preview images so far because the line is not set to launch until December 15th, but I love what I've seen of her so far. I won't make my final decision until she is for sale, but I think I've convinced my husband that I should get her for Christmas. ♥ I wonder if she'll come with the tattoo arm? That would be cool!

» Also around mid-December, Kaylee, my Minifee Shushu, will be sent away to Meggilu (you can check out a portfolio of her custom work here) to get a new face-up. I love her current one, but I thought she could use a refresh. Since I've gotten Kaylee, her personality has change a lot and she's matured from an innocent girl into a confident young lady so I want a face-up that better represents that.

» Brandee, my Limhwa Elly, came back from getting her face-up, but she fell off a shelf and ruined it so I've had to send her back. 🙁 I felt like a total idiot. I hate when I ruin a face-up even if it is an accident. I feel like I destroyed a work of art, which I guess I did. It makes me nauseous just to think about.

» Tahlvin also got a new face-up by the lovely and exceptional SDink. He looks amazing! I'm still trying to find the perfect wig for him though. He's really picky!

This is getting longer than I'd planned so I'm going to split this post into two. Next post will deal with playline dolls that have sucked me in. 😉

Bohemian Rhapsody

October 14th, 2009

Bohemian Rhapsody (1 of 6)

Kaylee looks good in a carrot wig too, don't you think? Also, I want to point out that her cute "♥ my cat" necklace was made for her by my awesome sis. :XO:

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September 28th, 2009

Rosenrot (1 of 15)

Kaylee stars in Julian's new video "Rosenrot" (Rose Red) as a Lolita-like character who tempts Julian's character into a forbidden romance. :halo:

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