(I'm a bit behind on updating this site—these have already been posted on flickr for a few weeks. I'm still playing catch-up.)

Dollroom Close-Ups

My dolls inside the armoire (left to right): Wednesday (Lati Green Coco), Lily (Fallindoll Rabi), Chloe (Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe), Emily (Supia Rosy), Edmond (Dollshe Saint/Soom Heliot Hybrid), Brandee (Limhwa Elly), Tahlvin (Dollshe IM Hound), Julian (Soom Spinel), Mei (Lati Yellow Coco), Wolfgang (Dear Mine Oz).

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My Dollroom

July 8th, 2014

(I'm a bit behind on updating this site. I first posted these photos on Flikr about a month ago. I'll be playing catching up over the next few days. 🙂 )

Dollroom (1 of 6)

I'm so happy I finally have a dollroom. I sometimes just go into the room and look at my dolls—it's very calming and makes me smile.

Soon, I'll be posting close-ups of some of the displays and more details about some of the dolls shown in the below photos.

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Little Stray

March 6th, 2012

Look what the Danbos dragged in…

Little Stray (1 of 5)

Danbo!Big and Danbo!Little were out for their daily walk when they stumbled across a wee waif rummaging through some trash cans. They managed to get her to talk and found out that she was an orphan. Danbo!Big suggested they bring her home—he's got a soft spot for strays (whether they be people, animals or vampires, apparently).

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Rococo Nights: Extras, Part II

January 27th, 2012

So we go from romantic and steamy to cute and silly! I really wanted to get a picture of my two rococo-styled girl dollies together—this seemed to be the best way and was somewhat logical, I think.

Rococo Nights: Extras, Part II (1 of 4)

Chloe is certainly having strange dreams after her encounter with Ethyn. 😉

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Making Friends

January 19th, 2012

Making Friends (2 of 3)

Feeling a bit neglected by everyone since the new girl arrived, Wednesday has been a bit pouty lately. Kendall noticed this and, knowing that Wednesday is a huge fan of Lalaloopsies, got Wednesday a Lala that she didn't have yet. Ah, bribery…the way to a little kid's heart. 😉

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