Little Stray

March 6th, 2012

Look what the Danbos dragged in…

Little Stray (1 of 5)

Danbo!Big and Danbo!Little were out for their daily walk when they stumbled across a wee waif rummaging through some trash cans. They managed to get her to talk and found out that she was an orphan. Danbo!Big suggested they bring her homeā€”he's got a soft spot for strays (whether they be people, animals or vampires, apparently).

Little Stray (2 of 5)

The Danbos were quite excited about their find. They even reassured me that she wouldn't be a problem to feed since she's more of a Bunnicula-type vampire except she sucks the juice from fruit.

Little Stray (3 of 5)

I wasn't planning on a new doll at all. I was just casually browsing the marketplace on DoA and stumbled across this cutie who begged me to adopt her. How could I say no to that face! It was love at first site.

Little Stray (4 of 5)

I've always wanted a Miel; the fact that she's tan and a vampire (wee fangs!) is a bonus. Plus, she has a beautiful face-up by Andreja whose work I've admired for a long time.

Little Stray (5 of 5)

Now she just needs a name. I have a long list (there are a lot of food names on it) and am slowly narrowing it down.

Narrowed-down List:
Momo (means "Peach" in Japanese)



? (Lati Yellow 2010 H.K. Bloody Moon Miel)
dress by MINIJIJO@etsy
beret by Jadeness Couture
boots from jr_toys_house@eBay
wig by Rapunzel Rapunzel (5-6" Skinny Plaits in Pink/White)
eyes from Ginarolo (10mm Neo-Glass Teal)
face-up by Andreja


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  1. Mom says:

    OMG how precious is this wee one. Dad said at first look at the rings in her lips I told him they were teeth so he went in to the rest of the photos and said oh a vampire!!! She is cuteness all over I love her BLUE eyes and her outfit. The boots crack me up!!! Just dressed Krista Callie and Tuesday for Easter. Love, Me :D

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