Cheese is Here!

May 4th, 2015

Cheese is here! (1 of 2)

I can't believe Cheese is here already! He arrived on Saturday (May 2).

I'll be taking better pictures of him later (I have a little story planned), but I had to share how cute he looked when he first got here (even without eyes).

He's even more adorable than I thought he would be. He has some purple shading in addition to the blue and pink. I don't think the prototype had purple shading, but I think it really adds a nice touch. I love purple and blue together.

Cheese is here! (2 of 2)

It wasn't too hard to choose eyes for Cheese since I don't have a large selection of bigger eyes. He can wear 16-18mm eyes, but I think the 18mm look cuter. I only have one pair of 18mm, the blue ones on the right (I stole them from Wolfie, my Dear Mine Oz). I'm not sure if he'll keep them (I've started shopping for some 18mm eyes), but they will do for now. At least he can see. ;)


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