Basic Brown

April 8th, 2010

Basic Brown (1 of 7)

These are the last pictures of Emily with her Supia face-up. Last week, I sent her to Cristy of X-tremedolls who will be doing her new face-up (she'll also be doing my succubus Katriss' face-up). I'm so excited to see how it turns out. Hopefully, it will be done by the end of the month. *crosses fingers*

Basic Brown (2 of 7)

Basic Brown (3 of 7)

Thank you, Sis, for the shirt! I really love it on Emily. :D

Basic Brown (4 of 7)

Basic Brown (5 of 7)

Basic Brown (6 of 7)

Basic Brown (7 of 7)

I painted an "x" on her face since I sometimes have the Sim-version of Emily wear little (removable) tattoos under one of her eyes. I think I'll do the "x" again when she comes home. I think it's cute.


sweater by Guppykisses
skirt by Iplehouse
stockings by Swan20 Designs
jewelry by DevKimiko
wig by Tinybear (7-8 Dark Chocolate)
eyes by Dollshe (Earth 12mm)
face-up by Supiadoll


10 Responses to “Basic Brown”

  1. Mom says:

    Oh I also love the sweater that Kim sent in our box, it looks great on Emily and her Jean skirt. She is a beauty. I love her wig, the X and her jewelry. What type of face up is she getting? Nice nail polish and ring. :D

  2. Kara says:

    Thanks, Mom! I asked that she have brown-based, smoky eyeshadow and natural lips in neutral tones (as opposed to the warm colors she has now) with thick, arched brows. I sent pictures from fashion magazines to give Cristy an idea of what I was asking for.

    When she gets home, I'll do her body blushing.

  3. MDP says:

    Oooooohhhhh, she's so pretty 8)

  4. Kara says:

    Thank you, MDP! ♥

  5. Lani says:

    she's gorgeous! i love her hair, her clothes and the x was a nice touch!

  6. Kara says:

    Thanks, Lani! She's so much fun. It's great having a shell for one of my favorite characters.

  7. S.B. says:

    She is so beautiful, I am amazed! And somehow her attitude shines through. Lovely, lovely creature!

  8. Delune says:

    Can't wait to see her new face up. She has a really sweet looking face – it's a nice sculpt. I was just about to ask if her wig was by Tinybear but I saw it in the credits. I love her wigs and I haven't got around to ordering one yet.

  9. Tristan_Veland. says:

    I love yor dolls.

    Your supia rosy, dollshe saint and your spinel are one of my favorite dolls. And you have them precious. :wink:

  10. Kara says:

    @Tristan_Veland.: Muchas gracias, Lara! I love your Spinel too. :D

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