Rococo Nights, Part IV

January 25th, 2012

Is it hot in here? :XO:

Rococo Nights, Part IV (1 of 5)


Rococo Nights, Part IV (2 of 5)


Rococo Nights, Part IV (3 of 5)


Rococo Nights, Part IV (4 of 5)


Rococo Nights, Part IV (5 of 5)



Chloe (Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe Elf)
rococo gown and fan by SODA ("The Duchess", Super Gem-size)
jewelry by Nine9Style (necklace), Orangebabydolly (ring)
court shoes by Atelier Gigi
wig by Dollheart (8.5-9.5" LW000203)
eyes from Ginarolo (Glass Special Teal 16mm-small iris)
face-up by Lyn of Filter Off-Kilter

Ethyn (Dollshe Hound)
gentlemen's outfit by Lexie Di Marzo
socks by See No Evil
shoes by Court and Castle Dolls (?)
hat by Julienne
ring by Orangebabydolly
eyes by Dollshe (14mm Cockpit Green)
wig by Eclipse21 (8-9" Blond Mohair, medium length)
face-up by SDink
body blushing by AtomicSpaceKitty


6 Responses to “Rococo Nights, Part IV”

  1. Mom says:

    No wonder they have great body blushing!!!!! :lol: Very great job in getting the idea across they have had quite a wonderful night. Now where does it go?? :XO:

  2. gayl says:

    Those are some very sensual and seductive shots. Their expressions really seem to change, fit the mood. Absolutely gorgeous! Even the decor is sumptuous.

  3. Kev says:

    Hey chica…greetings from Buenos Aires (home for a couple of years)…good to see you are still creating kewl worlds. :) Looks like Ethyn closed the deal. heh Hope shiz is AWESOME for you.

  4. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    @Mom: haha! Yeah, a perfect reason for body blushing. ;) Well, that's about the end. I just have a few more photos to post of Ethyn and then a few silly ones that I took (all I will say is Lalaloopsy!).

    @gayl: Thank you! I love how just changing the angle of the camera can give a different facial expression. I love the few props that I have. Too bad I don't have the same resources available that I have in the Sims! How fun would that be?! I'd have epic sets then. ;)

    @Kev: Hola, dude! Buenos Aires, huh? Wow, what a change. How fun! I hope you're enjoying it down there and that you're having a great summer. Take care and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Lexie Di Marzo says:

    Most enjoyable, beautifully photographed.
    Regards Lexie.

  6. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    Thank you so much, Lexie! I'm so glad you stumbled across my site. The outfit you made is one of my most prized doll outfits. It's just so gorgeous and wonderfully detailed. Thank you again!

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