Birthday Stuff, Part III

June 24th, 2011

The Brides (1 of 5)

I've actually had Mina (the brunette) for a few months now, but my husband got me the Contessa (the blonde) for my birthday. I so love these vampire girls. They love to tease and torment my other dolls. ;)

The Brides (1 of 5)

The Contessa is one of Dracula's Brides. I love her curly hair although I imagine I'll be redoing it before too long. Curls are pretty but they get messy so quickly.

The Brides (1 of 5)

The Brides' boots are to-die-for. I'm a big fan of boots.

The Brides (4 of 5)

Mina, my first Bride. I painted her lips red because I love the first Mina's lips so much.

The Brides (5 of 5)


4 Responses to “Birthday Stuff, Part III”

  1. Mom says:

    These are awesome vampires and I LOVE there clothes. Also the curly hair is gorgeous. I also like the background you chose to set off these gals. Yes the boots are great. Have a great day. :D

  2. gayl says:

    I love Mina's boots and those dresses are so lovely!

    Although I am a bit late, happy birthday Kara!! I hope it was full of fun and happiness!

  3. Kara says:

    @Mom: Thanks, Mom! I think Sis wants to get Lucy, the red-headed vampire lady, now. ;)

    @gayl: Thank you so much, Gayl! I had a wonderful birthday—definitely better than last year's. :)

  4. Lani says:


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