May 5th, 2009

Songwriter (1 of 7)

I don't have too much to say as an introduction to this set of photos other than "I think Julian looks so artistic when done in black and white". ;)

Songwriter (2 of 7)

Songwriter (3 of 7)

Songwriter (4 of 7)

Songwriter (5 of 7)

Songwriter (6 of 7)



Songwriter (7 of 7)

Just an alternate, in-color version of one of the above photos. I like how the colors of Julian hair and what he's wearing match the guitar (even though I didn't consciously plan it that way).

outfit by See No Evil Designs (turtle neck), Batchix (pants)
jewelry by Orangebabydolly
wig by Mellow Melon
eyes by Ethereal Angels (14mm Totally Taupe Gumdrops)
face-up by SDink


7 Responses to “Songwriter”

  1. Mom says:

    The black and white photos shadow areas on his face that give him different angles and depth that are very artistic. I really like them. He looks wonderful. Are you going to use these in the next part of your story? :!:

  2. Bunnisteffi says:

    It's true! BxW photog will turn anything almost anything artistic.

    4th last pic, that one's awesome. Julian looks really realistic in it. With the FFVII quality. XD I like how his eyes don't look directly at the camera. (I should somehow get some EA eyes…)

  3. Lani says:

    Love the pics – it's really amazing how good he looks. b/w is a favorite as well as sepia tones (that might be fun for an old timey theme, huh?)

    Hey, when are you gonna get on Facebook? It's totally addicting (*sniff, sniff*), you gotta try it.

  4. Kara says:

    Mom: Thank you! I've always liked how black and white photos draw the eyes to the shadows and highlights of a picture. It's sometimes nice not to be distracted by color. Oh, and no, none of these are pictures for the next part of my story. I still haven't started on that yet. :o

    Bunnisteffi: Those EA eyes are amazing, but my God, the production time on them is horrendous! I think the last order for them, which took place back in August 2008, are just coming in. I've been going more for Ginarolo's glass eyes lately–they are great quality and everything that she has in stock ships out within a week.

    Lani: I'll have to do some sepia pictures someday. Julian actually has an outfit that would be perfect for that.

    Facebook! I'm trying to avoid it. I don't want just anyone from my past to be able to find me. *insert shifty eyes icon here* haha

  5. Aoibhgreine says:

    Wow, he really does look artistic in black and white!
    I especially love the third picture.
    It's amazing how the way a face that doesn't move can be so expressive! :?

  6. Reyoko says:

    Omo! I totally agree with you! He looks much, much better in black in white. One of those photos would look great as those extras mini photobooks you get for 'free' when you guy an artist's album. Ya know? The one in the casing with the cd.

    The angles are to die for as always. :o

  7. Cher says:

    I think that the B and W's are great! Gives him a look for songwriting in the 60's!
    Would like to hear him play. :lol:

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