Minifee Face-Ups

March 2nd, 2011

My Minifees are done! Meggilu contacted me today to let me know Kaylee (MNF Shushu) and Jules (MNF Chloe) are ready to come home. They look great! I asked Meggilu if I could post her pictures of them here because I couldn't wait to show them off.

MNF Shushu
MNF Shushu by meggilu, on Flickr

MNF Chloe
MNF Chloe by meggilu, on Flickr


5 Responses to “Minifee Face-Ups”

  1. Lani says:


  2. Mom says:

    What a beautiful, natural look they have. Now when you get them you shall have to do a before and after photo op so we get the full effect. When do you get them home? Kaylee has a new dress!!!!!!! 8)

  3. Kara says:

    @Lani: I think so too! Meggilu did a great job. I can't wait until they get home so I can play with their looks.

    @Mom: Good idea! I'll post a before and after picture so you can get the full effect. Meggilu said she was shipping out the girls today, so I'm hoping they'll be here by early next week. I think Kaylee will look perfect in her new dress!

  4. Kylie says:

    Hi Kara!

    These are beautiful faceups! I just love that Shushu!

    I know you are probably on a "dolly break", but I just wanted to say that while I don't always say so, I visit your blog regularly to enjoy your gorgeous dolls, catch up on their stories and admire your wonderful photography! I hope you find inspiration soon again as I am missing your contributions!

  5. Kara says:

    Hi, Kylie! Thank you for the kind words. What a nice way to start the weekend! :)

    I'm actually not on a doll break, I've just been playing around with some new Barbies and Fashion Royalty dolls instead of my ball-joint dolls. It's been fun! I haven't really taken many pictures of them yet since I've been enhancing their face-ups or (in the case of the Barbies) transferring heads to different bodies (so that they have more range of movement). They are all coming together though. It's a blast playing with smaller fashion dolls sometimes.

    I hope you have a terrific weekend! 8)

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