The Latis

September 23rd, 2014

The Latis: Joe

Just taking some quick pics as I change my Lati dolls into different clothes.

The Latis: Joe Again

This is actually the original Pirate Ruki wig (the wig that this doll came with). I had forgotten I had it. It's really cute, although I'm not sure how I feel about it on Joe. He's currently wearing his dark blond fur wig (the wig at the top of the post), which I consider to be his default wig.

Also, notice Marmie photobombing. ;)

The Latis: Close-up Krumbs

A close-up of Krumbs' new Mako eyes (Moon-012). Not the clearest photo, I'll retake it with a better camera later.

The Latis: Krumbs Again

Krumbs had originally been in a cute Red Riding Hood dress, but I decided to change her again so she'd fit in better with what Joe (Lati Yellow Ruki) and Biscuit (Pipos Ringo) are wearing since they all hang out in the same diorama together.

The Latis: Krumbs

As mentioned before, Krumbs actually ended up wearing a different outfit, but this Little Red Riding Hood dress was cute on her too.

The Latis: Wednesday

Wednesday's cute little alien-themed outfit.


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