Tuesday and Wednesday (1 of 7)

So, I mentioned a while ago that my mom had ordered a Lati Green Coco. Well, Tuesday (as my mom had named her) arrived at my house in the first week of January (yes, these pictures are a few months old). She came to me first so that I could do some work on her (i.e. put her new eyes in and hot glue-suede her joints) before sending her on to Mom.

Tuesday's visit with me was very short, but I managed to get some pictures of her and Wednesday together before packing her back up for her trip to Tucson. Wednesday was sad to say goodbye to her sister.

Tuesday and Wednesday (2 of 7)

I like how their face-ups look a little different. Wednesday looks dreamy and Tuesday looks mischievous. It fits their characters, I think. :)

Tuesday and Wednesday (3 of 7)

This wig cracks me up. When my dad first saw it (when he and my mom were visiting us back in September), he wanted to know if Wednesday had grown puppy dog ears. ;)

Tuesday and Wednesday (4 of 7)

This is the wig that I got for my mom for Christmas.

Tuesday and Wednesday (5 of 7)

She's so cute! I wanted to keep Tuesday for myself. ;)

Tuesday and Wednesday (6 of 7)

A close-up of the eyes I got my mom for Christmas.

Tuesday and Wednesday (7 of 7)

Tuesday with Mr. Purple-People-Eater. He was a free gift from Latidoll. Mom let me keep him. ♥

hoodie by Eightl0ngmonths
pants by Marsh
shoes by Mimiwoo
headband by Kim (my sister)
wig by MiyukiDollfie
eyes by Ethereal Angels (Wolf Grey Gumdrops 16mm)
face-up by Latidoll

shirt by Rakieface
jeans by Marsh
shoes by ReleaseRain
headband by Kim (my sis)
wig by BlushedRoses
eyes by Kemper Dolls (Gray 16mm)
face-up by Latidoll


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  1. Mom says:

    Oh, my gosh,, Tuesday is SO EXcited to see she and Wednesday on your site. They are a hoot together and I agree their faceups are lovely and so different. Wednesday's "Puppy Dog Ears" wig, according to Dad, is SO EXPRESSIVE and cute. I now have to fix Tuesdays wig so I am going to do it next week. Wish me luck, I love my Lati Green Coco doll. Thanks kid!!!!!!!!! :lol:

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