Thanksgiving Helpers

November 23rd, 2011

Thanksgiving Helpers (1 of 7)

So the Wee Ones said they would make desert for Thanksgiving. I readily agreed as I don't like to cook. But, I soon realized there might have been a miscommunication. I asked them if they thought they were making their treats too small; after all, almost everyone in the house is bigger than these little ones.

I told them that perhaps it would be better to make one ginormous (compared to them) desert (i.e. pumpkin pie, please). They disagreed and said they would just make a lot of regular-sized (compared to them) deserts. What could I say to that? I guess we'll just be eating mini-sized treats on Thanksgiving. More room for dinner, I guess. ;)

Thanksgiving Helpers (2 of 7)


Thanksgiving Helpers (3 of 7)


Thanksgiving Helpers (4 of 7)


Thanksgiving Helpers (5 of 7)


Thanksgiving Helpers (6 of 7)


Thanksgiving Helpers (7 of 7)

To those that celebrate it: Happy Thanksgiving! :)



romper outfit by Jadeness Couture
eyes by ? (14mm light blue glass that came with my Lati Yellow Byurl)
face-up by Docshul for Piposdoll

dress by Lalami@etsy
hat by Applebin@Piposdoll (it's part of Biscuit's default outfit)
arm warmers by Alexisbears@etsy
bell collar by Piposdoll
eyes by Enchanted Doll Eyes (14mm Milky #21 [iris] with Milky #9 [rim])
face-up by Piposdoll

dress and headpiece by agreencat@etsy
shoes by Mattel
eyes by Enchanted Doll Eyes (16mm Sweety #40)
face-up by Elfdoll


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Helpers”

  1. Lani says:

    OMG, confectionery madness! Hello Kitty too! Must – have – Biscuit's romper. Love the details Kara. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Big hug,

  2. Kara says:

    I seem to remember you wanted Pip's mushroom hat too. I think it would look smashing paired with Biscuit's romper. You should get Lani-sized versions made posthaste! ;)

    And, thank you! *big hugs back*

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