Daughter of The Mummy

April 8th, 2013

Cleo (1 of 4)

Ah, the lovely Cleo. She's definitely one of my faves. I really love her outfit and the blue used for this version of Cleo (Picture Day).

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To tame Cleo's wavy tresses, I gave her a boil comb (it was quite tangled out of the box). I also pulled out almost all the gold tinsel, leaving only a few strands in her bangs to add some highlights. I've gotten to point where I just can't stand her tinsel—it makes it so hard to style her hair when your comb keeps snagging the strings that wrap around the tinsel. :/

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I photoshopped a little blush onto her cheeks. I had forgotten that my original (Basic) Cleo had blush and I really love the look. So, I wanted to see what this version would look like and photoshopping it in was a safe way to do it. I like the pop of color it gives her face. I'll probably go ahead and add some pastel blush to her now.

Cleo (4 of 4)


2 Responses to “Daughter of The Mummy”

  1. Mom says:

    Wow I love what you did to her waves and the tinsel effect. It looks so much better I think. The dress is one of my favorite colors of blue. Nice job :)The blushing effect you added gives her a young exuberant look. :) Luv

  2. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    Thanks, Mom. :) Yep, that blue is one of my faves too—cobalt and sapphire, so pretty.

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