Monster Monday

September 16th, 2013

Monster Monday (5 of 5)

Some photos of Cleo that I took several months ago and forgot to post (I seem to do that a lot). Better late than never though, right? This is the Dead Tired version of Cleo. She's dressed in a gown from SouoL by LouoS.

Monster Monday (1 of 5)


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Monster Monday (3 of 5)


Monster Monday (4 of 5)


2 Responses to “Monster Monday”

  1. Mom says:

    I really like Cleo in this photo shoot!!! Did she come in this outfit. With her Cobra. I like the way you have her reclining just like Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. The jewelry is awesome :)
    Is this chair also part of the Monsters furniture!! Orange to go with Halloween!!!

  2. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    Thank you, Mom! It was a really fun photo shoot to do, especially the editing to add the special effects. This particular Cleo is the "Dead Tired" version; her original outfit is pajamas. I got the gown she's wearing from an online shop. Her pet snake, whose name is Hissette, came with the original/"basic" Cleo de Nile. The orange chair she's sitting in came with Pop Life Barbie.

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