March 31st, 2013

Behind-the-Scenes: Pinheads (1 of 4)

I don't know why, but I love seeing photos of dolls in curlers so I thought I'd share a few of my Monster High dolls who are undergoing some beauty treatments.

Behind-the-Scenes: Pinheads (2 of 4)

I finally got a Skelita! I ended up getting her from Amazon because I couldn't find her at any of the shops near me. She's a bit wall-eyed but, from the photos I've seen around flickr, it seems like most Skelitas are so I'm not too bothered by it.

Behind-the-Scenes: Pinheads (3 of 4)

Operetta also has a bit of an eye problem. I didn't notice it until I got her home and took off her eye mask. (I wish Monster High dolls were packaged without their eye accessories on their faces so that it would be easier to see eye paint, and also so that eye glasses wouldn't put dents in the dolls' faces.) Anyway, I had considered getting a replacement Operetta, but her eye really isn't too bad and can be hidden by her eye mask. In short, she's grown on me. :)

Behind-the-Scenes: Pinheads (4 of 4)

I really love MH dolls, but it certainly seems to be the exception rather than the rule that they come out of the box with good hair. I've been boil washing, boil combing, de-tinsling, washing out glue, curling hair, trimming uneven cuts, etc. Oh, well, I complain, but it's actually pretty fun. Although, I think my husband is getting sick of dolls sitting on the kitchen counter in front of his coffee maker (I have them sit there until their hair is dried). haha!

P.S. I took these photos earlier in the week. Since then, I've removed their curlers but the curls didn't hold. :( I don't think I dunked their heads in hot enough water (since I was afraid to make their curls too tight). I think I may try curling their hair with a curling iron. I've seen someone on flickr have good luck with that. *crosses fingers*


2 Responses to “Pinheads”

  1. Mom says:

    I have no ideas on a culing iron but this sure looks like we have done to Kit my Tonner and Emma my Ginny and it sure worked. I still have not braved unbraiding Vannesa , my Cami Tonner , girls hair. It looks fun. I do not see anything wrong in the photo with Operetta's eye. Keep trying I know you will get the look. As for your honey I bet he is glad his coffee pot is FREE!!!!

  2. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    Yeah, it's the same thing as I've done for your Kit. Well, I finally got Operetta to have a really awesome hairstyle, I just had to take a totally different route to do so. I'll be posting pictures of her soon. :)

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