Our Dolls, Part 3

October 13th, 2011

Continuing the pictures of my dolls with my sister's dolls…

Our Dolls, Part 3 (1 of 4)

My sister's doll Aren (Soom Angel Aren) has three Ken boyfriends at her home, but that didn't stop her from checking out my Fashion Royalty boys. Darius was the lucky guy to get his picture taken with her—he was very happy with the decision. She looks quite excited about it as well. Don't they look adorable together? I think my sister might want to get a Darius now.

Our Dolls, Part 3 (2 of 4)

I love Aren so much. I wanted to steal her. ;)

Our Dolls, Part 3 (3 of 4)

A full shot to show their outfits.

Our Dolls, Part 3 (4 of 4)

You knew she had to steal his hat at some point… ;)

Oh, by the way, I gave her a purple manicure while she was here. It turned out really cute, but her hands are so tiny! It's like giving a Barbie a manicure. :o

Also, Darius has had some customization by me: I redid his lips and gave him some shading.



dress by Mattel/Barbie
socks by Soom (from Alice in the Labyrinth outfit)
boots by ? (got them from eBay, they are Blythe-sized)
eyes by Soom ? (8mm)
wig by Monique (4-5" Roxie in Burgundy)
face-up by Soom
body blushing by AtomicSpaceKitty

shirt by Mattel/Ken
pants by Azone
hat by Volks (Who's That Girl? Soul Drive Collection)
necklace by Volks (Who's That Girl? Soul Drive Collection)
leather cuff bracelet by Knife's Edge Designs/APPark@flickr (Rock-n-Soul Homme Collection—Spring 2011)
1/6 military boots from moakit@ebay
face mods by AtomicSpaceKitty (I redid his lips and added shading to his cheeks, nose and forehead)


5 Responses to “Our Dolls, Part 3”

  1. Aunt Cher says:

    Your Sis got Aren from me a few years ago. I felt they were a good match. And they have been. She looks great with the purple nails! Your guy is a hunk.

  2. Kara says:

    I remember when she first got Aren from you. She's such a cute doll. I gave her the same purple nails as my big doll Emily (Supia Rosy). Quite a difference in painting though! haha!

  3. Aunt Cher says:

    well, you did a terrific job on her. And since purple is my favorite color, I love it. :D

  4. Kara says:

    Purple has become one of my favorite colors too. It's also Katriss (my Soom Beryl) and Emily's favorite color. They have a lot of purple clothing.

  5. Mom says:

    Aren surely has been a great match for Kim and I love that wig. I got to see her nails and you did a fantastic job. I am just seeing these photos after being away from my laptop for over a week and a half. Darius is a very handsome doll and the color of his cheeks highlight the sculpture of his face. Nice. :XO:

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