At Court

February 9th, 2015

At Court (1 of 4)

One month per year, Tahlvin (DS IM Hound) must serve at the Elven Court. As you can tell by his grumpy face, it's not his most favorite thing to do (but then it's rather hard to tell with Tahlvin since he always looks grumpy). Within the past year, Tahlvin's brother Hale (Soom Tremo) became the court's bard. Hale has actually really been enjoying his new job. Thane (Soom Sard), the Lord of the Court, is considering making it mandatory that more of his subjects have to serve at court—he likes being able to talk to new people (it can be lonely being the Lord).

* * *

I really need to take some better pictures of the outfits the boys are wearing. They all look so handsome in their Nezumitoo (from etsy) coats.

At Court (2 of 4)

I will always and forever love Tahlvin's grumpy face. There is a warm and loving heart beneath his forbidding exterior though.

At Court (3 of 4)

A few months ago, I got Thane some MakoEyes (IB-021). I wanted to see what he looked like with dark grey eyes. I like them; they are a nice change.

At Court (4 of 4)

Hale is back to sporting his short wig. And I love these cheap, ol' Kemper Doll eyes on him.


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