September 9th, 2011

Dress-Up (1 of 9)

It's time to play dress-up! These dresses that Scout and Pip are modeling remind me of what little girls in the 1920s would have worn.

Dress-Up (2 of 9)

Telling secrets! What are you whispering about, girls?

Dress-Up (3 of 9)


Dress-Up (4 of 9)


Dress-Up (5 of 9)

Shy little girl. :)

Dress-Up (6 of 9)

Back-view of the little dress. I love the bow.

Dress-Up (7 of 9)

Work that pose, Scout! ;)

Dress-Up (8 of 9)

Twirl around and show us the bow.

Dress-Up (9 of 9)

Cute close-up of Pip. I took one of Scout too, but it didn't turn out. :(



outfit by Didken@etsy
socks by Jadeness Couture
shoes by Ruby Red Galleria
wig by Monique (4-5" Bubbles in Purple)
eyes by HGC/Hand Glass Craft (10mm Light Green, style D24)
face-up by Fairyland w/ enhancements by me

outfit by Didken@etsy
socks by Dollb@etsy
shoes by Ruby Red Galleria
wig by Ruby Red Galleria (5.5" GD0004B in Carrot)
eyes by Dollshe (12mm Earth)
face-up by Latidoll w/ enhancements by me


6 Responses to “Dress-Up”

  1. MDP says:

    Pip's little ears are soooo cute! :D

    Beautiful dolls, images….everything.

  2. Lani says:

    So cute indeed. Cute overload :D

  3. Kara says:

    Thank you, girls! :XO:

  4. Cindy says:

    I saw pip on the pukifee data base. I don't think I have ever seen in her in the regular thread. I just had to comment on how adorable she is! You've done a great job. Your little Scout is great too. I don't know what doll scout is.
    I am cbnloo5 over at DoA.
    I hope to see more pictures of her.
    Have a good day

  5. Mighella says:

    I love Pip so much! :XO: Especially in that wig :D Wonderful photos of your little ones <3 They have such energy! (even if Pip's is a more shy energy :wink: )

  6. Kara says:

    @Cindy: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you stopped by my website. :) Pip is so much fun. Scout it too (she's a Lati Yellow Byurl, by the way). I'll be posting some new pics of them soon. Take care of you!

    Mighella: Thank you, sweetie! I'm really enjoying these little ones. They are easy to take pictures of. Oh, and that purple wig is so fun! I'd like to get a pink one someday too.

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