Our Dolls, Part 1

October 11th, 2011

My sister was visiting me last week and she brought some of her dolls. I took the chance to take some pictures of them with my little ones.

Our Dolls, Part 1 (1 of 4)

Here, my Pip plays with Snoink (my sister's teddy piglet) and his wee teddy bear (yes, Snoink has a teddy of his own). Pip spent the week playing with them and loved them so much that she was sad when they had to go home.

To tell you the truth, I'm lucky my sis didn't sneak Pip into her suitcase when she left—she threatened to do so several times during her week here. ;)

Our Dolls, Part 1 (2 of 4)

Snoink is actually the stuffed animal/pet of my sister's Alice Cherry Blossom. I'm going to post a picture of wee Ali tomorrow.

Our Dolls, Part 1 (3 of 4)

Being an equal opportunity piglet, Snoink didn't spend all his time with Pip, he also joined Scout (my Lati Yellow Byurl) for a trail ride. It was rainy out so the duo had to settle for a ride around the table, but they had fun nonetheless.

Scout is riding Paradise Island, a My Little Pony that my aunt rescued from a thrift store and sent to me. Her mane and tail were a hot mess when she arrived, but I conditioned them with fabric softner and then dipped them in boiling water to straighten the hair. She looks much better now, but I think I might trim her mane and tail—the ends are still a bit dry and frizzy. Scout loves her no matter what though. ;)

Our Dolls, Part 1 (4 of 4)

Snoink got to ride McPonysons. Don't they make an adorable pair?



romper by hiblythe@etsy
socks by Jadeness Couture
sneakers by Ruby Red Galleria
bear hat by Mitilene@etsy
wig by Tinybear/SleepingElf (5-6" mohair)
eyes by HGC/Hand Glass Craft (10mm Light Green, style D24)
face-up by Fairyland w/ enhancements by me

sundress by kirikadawn@etsy
socks by Jadeness Couture
sneakers by Ruby Red Galleria
wig by Ruby Red Galleria (5 5/8" Carrot Red Classic Mohair Wig/LD0004G)
eyes by Dollshe (12mm Earth)
face-up by Latidoll w/ enhancements by me


5 Responses to “Our Dolls, Part 1”

  1. Aunt Cher says:

    Paradise Island looks much happier than when I saw her in the thrift store. I am so glad you have her now and she's being enjoyed. Cute pictures, honey. Enjoyed them all.

  2. Kara says:

    Paradise Island is very much enjoyed! You know how I love My Little Ponies. I'm so glad you rescued her!

  3. Mom says:

    Oh my gosh Snoink fits in perfect with the Lati Yellows. Pip and Scout look great on My Little Pony and Snoink on the poseable pony. What a cute pony I loved it in person. I love Pip and Scout's outfits. :) :up:

  4. Mom says:

    Glad you shared this again I love looking at all of the Wee Ones and the chair is great. Yeah Muffy Stuff. Love :XO:

  5. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    The Wee Ones are always fun. They are just so cute that you can't help but be happy. :)

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