Vampire Prince

February 3rd, 2008

It's time for some pictures of Dominik again especially since he's been sitting around in this outfit since the beginning of December waiting for me to get around to taking them. Poor guy…well, at least he's the patient type. Plus, I can't say that seeing his chest on display these past couple months has been a real hardship. 😉

I finally settled on the perfect eyes for Dom. The Dreamy Green Gumdrop eyes really work well with his complexion, I think, and they photograph beautifully.

Aren't those eyes great? (Of course I'm biased.) I love how they reflect the light–very life-like.

The wig he's wearing almost ended up in the box of doll stuff that I'm going to sell (one of these days), but I decided to try it on Dominik one more time. He ended up claiming it as his own and refuses to let me sell it now. I love how the carrot streaks compliment his eyes.

Nothing special here (except for a decapitated doll). I just wanted to take a close-up of his shirt.

A picture of most of his outfit. *sigh* I love Dom. I dressed him in a new outfit after yesterday's photo session (my husband said he looks like a hippie…*rollseyes*). Hopefully, I'll get pictures taken of it sooner than I did this outfit.

By the way, the trunk Dom is sitting on is a Muffy Vanderbear trunk. Did anyone else besides me (and my sister and mom) collect these cute bears?

shirt: Linabeti/Salina
pants and belt: Unidoll
boots: Heisejinyao
eyes: Ethereal Angels Gumdrops
wig: Kstarr
jewelry: Orangebabydolly (rings) and Brighnasa (choker)


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6 Responses to “Vampire Prince”

  1. amalinaball says:

    *sigh* Those photos are all stupendous – as is Dom himself, naturally! 😉

    I think you're right about those eyes of his, they're so beautiful and dreamy. They suit him down to the ground! That outfit is very good on him, I must say.

    Have you seen the news about the upcoming Bermann release? I haven't the money at the moment to try for him, which is a bit disappointing, but there are other Dollshe boys I like just as much.

    Kara said: Thank you! 🙂 I was afraid the eyes would be a little bright when I first ordered them, but they really suit his skintone. Also, since his eyes are so heavily lidded, the bright color helps open them up a little.

    I have heard of the Bermann release (just found out yesterday, actually). He's one of my dream dolls and this will be the last chance to get one. However, although I really would love to own one, I finally decided (after much thinking) that I'm not willing to spend the money for him when I could buy 2 or 3 other dolls that I like just as much. Yes, he's a limited and I may kick myself in the future for not trying to get him this time around, but I just can't logically put down that much money on one doll.

    So, I'll just have to content myself with drooling over other people's Bermanns (and feeling a slight twinge of envy every time I do so…haha!). But, I'm with you, there are other Dollshe dolls that catch my fancy as well. Of course, it's obvious that I love the Hounds. And I'm actually seriously considering getting a Saint someday (far down the road). I think he could contain the character of Edmond very well.

  2. anghard says:

    I have been meaning to come and have a look at this journal for a while now.

    He is absolutely divine. I have a weakness for long hair as you know. The clothing fits him and really showcases his personality. And those eyes, they are incredible. Very human like.

    Kara said: Thank you for stopping by, anghard! 🙂 I too love long hair and my guys seem to like it the best as well. I have a few short wigs that look good on them though…well, at least on my Hound (Ethyn). I don't like Dominik as much with short hair. I need to play around with the wig that he came with some more, I think. It's a short fur wig and looks great on the prototype doll, but I suck at styling fur wigs so I haven't been able to make him look as good in it. 😛

  3. Eva says:

    Awww..Dom…my lover! I can't believe how cute he looks. I agree, the eyes are beautiful on him. Hopefully, you will take pictures of his hippie outfit soon! I can't wait to see what it looks like.

    Kara said: I hope to get pictures taken of him soon too. I really love the "hippie" outfit he's wearing (although I really don't think he looks like a hippie…silly, husband). I'm still recovering from last weekend's intensive session of taking pictures. I do have good news for you though, there will be more pictures of Dom coming up in the next few weeks (I'm spacing out the posting of them all since I took so many pictures of all the dolls). He'll be modeling some new necklaces that I got from my sister for Christmas.

  4. Lani says:

    This is my favorite look for Dom. I think the close ups look really soft and mysterious. I want to throw a book in his hand. . .and a leather couch. Or a cat, hee, hee.

  5. Aoibhgreine says:

    OMG… You're playing around with my mental health 😥
    Dominik… as a vampire… :XO:

    PS: Sorry, I'm being really strange today…

  6. Kara says:

    heehee Dom does make a great vampire, doesn't he? He has the brooding look down pat. 🙂

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