Wednesday's Child

May 31st, 2008

A new arrival…I've been waiting for this girl to arrive for quite a long time now. I was so excited when I got the notice that she had been shipped.

Long Awaited Arrival (1 of 13)

When the postman came on Wednesday, Alice and Molly were so excited. Their long-lost friend had finally arrived. I had no problem getting them to help me open the box.

Long Awaited Arrival (2 of 13)

All the little things that were stuffed in her box.

Long Awaited Arrival (3 of 13)

I get such a kick out of Engrish. The inside of the pamphlet includes instructions on how to restring your doll. I'm sure it will be very helpful in the future.

Long Awaited Arrival (4 of 13)

Just to prove she's all official-like. ;)

Long Awaited Arrival (5 of 13)

An extra stringing elastic and hands were also included. I think these used to be the old-style hands, but I'm not sure. These have dimples on the backs of the hands though whereas the ones my doll is currently wearing don't.

Long Awaited Arrival (6 of 13)

I take a little break in the box-opening to take a picture of Alice showing me her belly. Isn't it cute?

Long Awaited Arrival (7 of 13)

The wee ones trying to help me unpack the box. At this point, I think they just wanted me to hurry up and get their friend out.

Long Awaited Arrival (8 of 13)

Okay…time to tell the truth. This isn't actually my first time opening this box. I did a quick box opening before I started taking pictures because I wanted to make sure the doll was okay. You see, I'd had a horrible dream the night before she arrived that, when I opened her box, her skin was all blotchy. Luckily, the dream proved false and she was just as pretty as I had hoped she would be (as you'll soon see).

Also, while I had her out, I fixed her eyes (she had that deer-in-headlights look that so many new dolls seem to have) and changed out the factory putty that was holding her eyes in (I've heard so horror stories lately about what putty can do to acrylic eyes and the resin "skin" of dolls).

Long Awaited Arrival (9 of 13)

Finally, I allow the wee ones to unwrap their friend.

Long Awaited Arrival (10 of 13)

Yay! Unfortunately, I have yet to think of a name for her. So, she's still know as Lati Green Girl around here. Poor thing. :(

Long Awaited Arrival (11 of 13)

Such a pretty little face. I even think she looks cute bald (although I think she looks even better with hair).

Long Awaited Arrival (12 of 13)

All dressed up in her special outfit. I can't get over how well it's made–very high quality. I'm super impressed. Her wig is gorgeous too–shiny, soft, and no flyaways.

Long Awaited Arrival (13 of 13)

So, here's how the story goes…

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl who spent her days lost in fantasy. She dreamed of faraway places and had many adventures with imaginary animals that she met along the way.

Then, one day, her imaginary friends came to life… :)

Finally…the gruesome threesome is all together!


6 Responses to “Wednesday's Child”

  1. Cher says:

    gosh, is this cute. I love Lati Green. My Lati Aida was well packed too and his clothes are in wonderful shape and quality.
    Glad I finally got to share.

  2. Kara says:

    Thanks, Aunt Cher! :) I'm loving her too. She's just so special. I can't wait to see pictures of your Aida. I bet he's gorgeous.

    I love you!

  3. Reyoko says:

    Aw, they're so cute! =3
    I think she looks better with the coat, without the hair ribbons.

    The dynamic trio! Yay! >p<

  4. Kara says:

    Thank you! It's so wonderful to have them all together. I predict some fun photo shoots in the future. :XO:

  5. Cassie says:

    Yayz! Another grand opening!!! :D I love the Lati Green Girl!!! She is soooo adorable!!! Her dress is really pretty, and overall she looks just a bundle of joy! (wow that's reaaaaly cheesy :roll: )

  6. Kara says:

    :D That's okay, Cassie. There's something about cute things that makes everyone a bit cheesy, I think. I know I get that way.

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