When Pigs Fly

May 10th, 2008

I've had Alice since February, but I was so excited when I first got her that I neglected having an official "box opening ceremony" for her like I did for Ethyn and Dom. So, in an attempt to be fair to her and because her packaging is so cute (the real reason!) I decided to do a recreation of the event. This is all exactly how it happened…well, except for the fact that Molly (the little kitty) wasn't there at Alice's first box opening. But, she wanted to help and, as my real-life kitties know, I can never say "no" to a cat.

Molly: I will help!

Me: But…I'm trying to do a recreation of the actual box-opening. You're not supposed to be in the pictures. I hadn't even ordered you yet when Alice first got here.

Molly: … I will help!

Me: *thinking* Kitties…they never listen.

Molly: Look! I'm reflected in the plastic.

Alice: *giggles*

Aw…doesn't Alice look sweet? I love how her packaging pillow looks like a cute little bed. She definately has one of the neatest packaging of the dolls I've gotten so far.

Molly: Okay, just jump out. I'll catch you.

Alice: Don't drop me. My ears are very delicate.

Alice Cherry Blossom 2nd edition, Ballerina by Elfdoll 🙂

The end of Alice's first recital (entitled "When Pigs Fly"). Molly seems (easily?) impressed.


One of my real kitties, Sora, checks out Alice. The wings seemed of particular interest to her. But, she has also been known to nibble on resin now and then so I don't like it when she takes too much interest in my dolls.

Molly's dress by Pei78 at etsy
Molly's bowtie by Piposdoll
Alice's ballet outfit by Elfdoll


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5 Responses to “When Pigs Fly”

  1. Cassie says:

    Yay for re-openings! It must have been tough putting everything back into the box. I love that box Alice came in, though. It looks so…official. Little Molly is so cute, and I love the commentary you gave her.
    By the way, your real-life kitty Sora, looks so adorable (even though you can't really see her face…). How many cats do you have, Kara? I have four, and that's a handful.

  2. Kara says:

    Thanks, Cassie! I have one other cat besides Sora. His name is Tristan and he's her half-brother (they have the same father). He's huge compared to her though. You can see a picture of him in the post about Ethyn's arrival…Sora too.

    Two cats are quite handful in our apartment (especially two mischievous cats such as ours). I can't imagine having four…but I love cats so much. I'm always overcome by their cuteness. 🙂

  3. Mom says:

    Oh, my gosh, what a delightful recreation. Alice is sooooo precious. The tucking in packaging she came in is so cute. Molly is truly the perfect
    "show off" to debut Alice. Thanks for making me smile so much today. I love you honey. XXX000 Mom

    Sora you are so inquisitive and pretty as usual. Here is a rub for you.

  4. Kara says:

    Thank you, Mom! Alice and Molly always make me so happy. They are just so cute that they bring a smile to my face.

    heehee Silly Sora…I wish I had been fast enough to catch a few more pictures of her, but my camera was all anchored down on the tripod.

  5. Cher says:

    that is adorable!!!! you have such cute kids!
    Aunt Cher

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