Azone Silver Fox Box Opening

January 20th, 2014

Azone Silver Fox Box Opening (1 of 8)

Some BJD owners—namely Arthoniel/TheCutitz who I follow on youtube and flickr—have recently been getting into Azone dolls. The little dolls look so cute that I could no longer resist getting one.

For my first Azone (because, let's be honest, she's so cute, I know I'm going to have to get a friend for her) I decided to get the Silver Fox Lien from the Forest Animals series.

Azone Silver Fox Box Opening (2 of 8)

Lien arrived on Friday. I was surprised at how quickly she got here—it only took a week for her to travel from Japan. I was watching her tracking info. all week and staked out the mail box obsessively that morning. I missed seeing the postman, but I checked the mail around noon and there was her little box in all its paper-wrapped glory.

Unfortunately, I had to delay opening her and get the laundry started first. Blah. At least it gave me something to look forward to.

Azone Silver Fox Box Opening (3 of 8)

Her packaging is simple, but still very cute.

Azone Silver Fox Box Opening (4 of 8)

Sweet little face!

Azone Silver Fox Box Opening (5 of 8)

"The forest of sunbeams shining through branches of trees" — the quote on the side of her box.

Azone Silver Fox Box Opening (6 of 8)

The pamplets that came with her. I love that Azone includes a instruction manual on how to take care of your new doll.

Azone Silver Fox Box Opening (7 of 8)

I also love this manual that shows all of the items that come with Lien. So many outfit pieces! I'm really impressed with the quality of the clothes too. They are as well-made as my BJD clothes. Notice all the different hands too. It's great when dolls have extra hands; it makes them more expressive.

Azone Silver Fox Box Opening (8 of 8)

A quick outside photo. I wish I'd had more time to take photos of her. I'm super in love with this girl and want to play around with her posing more. I'm going to have to make some time soon.

A few more thoughts:
– Now I just have to come up with a name for her. I have a couple of names so far: Kitsune (which means "fox", "Kit" for short), or Minami (means "hailing from the south).

– I also have to get some more clothes for her. I've heard that she can fit in Blythe clothes.

– I think she's going to be the companion of Wolfgang, my Dear Mine Oz wolf.

– I'm also thinking that she might be a "BJD" doll for Emily, my Supia Rosy. She is the perfect scale to be a doll to my SD bjds. 🙂


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6 Responses to “Azone Silver Fox Box Opening”

  1. AlasseCarnesir says:

    I have been seeing a lot of BJD collectors starting to get Azone dolls lately myself. You know, shame I didn't actually realise the dolls I was looking at when I visited Japan all those years ago were Azones. I actually walked into a shop that sold them. That was before I got into and started collecting BJDs.

    How are you finding her posing?

    So she comes with everything pictured on that manual page? Wow, that is quite the haul. Looking forward to seeing more photos of her when you get the chance.

    Thanks for boxing your box opening. I've been curious about these dolls for a while now.

  2. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    I've not had too much time to play with her since my husband and I were working on the house all weekend; however, from what I've done with her so far, her posing is really great. I'm not sure if you've ever had a chance to play with an Obitsu body (I changed my Pullips over to them) but I would compare its posing to the Azone Pure Neemo body. The Azone body's wrists don't bend though—they rotate around, but don't bend—which is one reason for Azone dolls having so many hand choices since it put the hands at different angles.

    I'm very impressed with how much she comes with too. It really gives her a variety of outfits to mix-and-match.

    Glad you enjoyed the box opening! I've not done one in a while and it was fun. 🙂

  3. Alasse Carnesir says:

    I used to own the 1/6 scale Obitsu dolls. They had wider feet, at least the male one I had did and he was pretty solid at standing by himself unaided. He was squeaky too from memory.

    Huh, I never thought of using those Obitsu bodies for Pullip heads. How do they look?

  4. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    haha! Yeah, Obitsu bodies are indeed squeaky, but then my Pullip dolls' default bodies are too. The feet for the Obitsu female bodies are tiny although they are a bit wider than Pullip feet.

    Anyway, I really love the Obitsu bodies with the Pullip heads, much more so than their original bodies, in fact. The Obitsu bodies also have more hand choices so you can switch them out. Obitsus also pose better.

    There are some great examples of the Pullip/Obitsu hybrid on flickr (just do a search for "pullip obitsu"). Also, I found tutorial video on how to do the body mod, just to give you an idea of what is involved. 🙂

  5. Alasse Carnesir says:

    Thanks for the tutorial link and the flickr rec. I will have a look at those hybrids. There's one particular Taeyang that I am curious about so options are always a good thing.

    Oh and I saw this girl was on restock at Hobbysearch so she went on my wishlist. There is apparently a few of them, there's a bear, a wolf (also on my wishlist), a rabbit (unfortunately long sold out but on my wishlist too) and I think there was also a cat.

  6. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    You're welcome! I'm glad I could be of some help.

    Yes, I really like the Forest/Animal series of Azone dolls. There is a deer girl as well. I also love the rabbit; too bad she's so hard to find and so expensive when you do. I really like the cat too. I'd like to get the black cat if I could find her someday.

    I ended up ordering the bear last weekend though. There are two different versions of the bear—they have different hair colors (brunette and auburn) and faces, but the same style outfit (even though they are different colors). I got the brunette. She arrived today, but I've not had a chance to open her yet because I've been unpacking my dollroom all day.

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