Well, here it is: my first photostory. In case you're not familiar with my dolls or their characters, this chapter stars:

Ethyn Regret, an actor who is currently trying to deal with a scandal concerning him and his rock star roommate. He is also getting ready to go on location to film his new movie.

Tahlvin Shadowtalon, an elf who works for the Wraith Warriors, a company that provides mercenaries and operatives to other businesses or governments for a fee. He seems quite amused by the drama that seems to have recently gripped the household.

Julian Nomad is the lead singer and songwriter for the industrial rock band NOMAD. As the other person caught up in the scandal, he's been trying to figure out how to talk to Ethyn about it all.

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The Bodyguard and the Rockstar

February 23rd, 2009

Bodyguard and the Rockstar (1 of 12)

Viktor Quin has started his duties as the bodyguard for Julian Nomad.

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Real Style

February 20th, 2009

Real Style (Part 1 of 14)

Not only is Julian a rockstar, but he's a natural at modeling too. 😉 I was actually very surprised at how well these outfits fit him considering they are tailor-made for Unidoll guys (like Dominik).

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New Year's Eve Scandal

December 31st, 2008

New Year's Eve Scandal (1 of 8)

(SEATTLE TIMES: Arts and Entertainment)– Wednesday night, New Year's Eve: two friends are at a private club in downtown Seattle trying to enjoy a celebratory evening. Of course, when these two friends are Ethyn Regret, a hot newcomer who has taken Hollywood by storm, and Julian Nomad, the sexy lead singer of the world famous industrial band Nomad, it's hard to keep a low profile. A paparazzi who snuck into the private club managed to snap a couple of pictures of the pair relaxing and having fun before security could throw him out.

Now these pictures are showing up all over the internet and speculation as to the exact nature of Ethyn and Julian's relationship is undergoing intense debate on celebrity forums. However, when asked to comment on the various rumors, Ethyn was quoted as saying, "We're just friends."

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After the Show

November 17th, 2008

After the Show (3 of 4)

Nomad, Julian's rock band, finally finished the last show of their world tour. A magazine photographer caught some of Julian's candid moments as he tries to wind down after the show. 😉

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