Commissioned Art

October 21st, 2007

A few months ago, I commissioned leafmonarch to do a picture of Ethyn in his Goblin King outfit. I can't believe it's taken me this long to show it off! I'm totally in love with it and amazed at the artist's skills.

The rough sketch that she first showed me:

The finished/colored piece:

Can you believe that's all done in markers? I think it's beautiful.

And some line art that she sent out as a special promotion:

Now I just have to get them framed.

I'd also love to commission her to draw Tahlvin, Jason and Brandee (from Worlds Apart). I think that would be so cool!


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  1. Alimah Kali says:

    OH MY WOW! That's spectacular! 8D Man, I wish I could draw! What talent… I really hope you do commission this Mistress of Markers to draw your Sim lovelies. I'm already excited about it!

    I hope you don't mind, but I'm plastering this on my desktop! Or rather, I should say that it will be added to the cycle of all the other lovely shots of your guys being PLASTERED on my desktop. :P

    Kara said: I can only imagine how awesome my Worlds Apart characters would look as drawn by leafmonarch. I definitely need to set aside some money to do that. Of course, I first have to finish paying off a BJD body that I've bought for a special project. If there is one thing this hobby teaches is patience—everything in the BJD world seems to require waiting.

    Oh, and I don't mind you using my pictures at all as long as they are kept for your personal use. I'm glad that someone besides me is enjoying them so much!

  2. BanSydhe says:

    As adorable as I think Ethyn is … I have to admit that I am in love with Dominik. Is it odd to be infatuated with sculpted resin? His face up and blushing are just amazing. I wanted to ask, did you order him + face up, etc directly from Unidoll? He is a Jace I believe … I had my heart set on a girl, a DollZone Cherry actually, but I find myself coming back almost every day to drool over Dom.

    Kara said: Ah, Dom…my first BJD that I fell in love with and the one that finally got me into this hobby. I just couldn't resist his handsome face. It's so unique and I so love his nose. And, yes, he is a Jace that I ordered directly from Unidoll with the face-up and the blushing. Unfortunately, Unidoll discontinued the blushing as some people were complaining that they were receiving dolls where the blushing was rubbing off soon after arrival. Luckily, that didn't happen to me.

    Jace is also available through Dolls and Friends. That's where my aunt bought hers, although he's still on layaway at the moment.

    Oh, and Unidoll is sold out of this at the moment, but I so want to get Dom a suit of armor someday. Isn't that amazing? He makes such a handsome knight.

    P.S. Here are some other pictures of someone else's Jace just so you can get an idea of different styles he can pull off.

  3. amalinaball says:

    Boy, am I confuddled!
    I can't believe I didn't comment on these beauts before! Because they are totally stunning. But then, anything with your Ethyn in them is stunning to me.
    Squee! Only a month till Christmas… I wonder what your boys will make of the festive season, hmm?

    I also can't help but notice that you're trying to get together Tahlvin and Brandee BJDs…that sounds incredibly exciting for a hardcore Worlds Apart fan such as my humble self! ;)

    Thanks for showing us the artwork! You did indeed commission it from a very talented artist. :D

    Kara said: You are a keen observer, amalinaball! I am indeed working on getting Tahlvin and Brandee BJDs. So far, I have Tahlvin's body and head; however, they have yet to be painted. I'm so excited to get them. I probably won't have enough saved up for Brandee until next Spring sometime though.

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