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Hello/Goodbye, Mano

November 29th, 2007

Recently, I had a doll that came home and then left about two months later. Meet Mano:

I just could not bond with him, unfortunately. It was actually a relief to ship him off a couple of weeks ago to his new home. Initially, when I first saw him back in July, I fell in love with his prototype pictures. However, I have since learned a very important lesson—if a brand new doll isn't a limited edition, wait until the first batch ships and see what he/she looks like in owner pictures. That's when you'll be able to make a more informed choice as to if that doll is something you think you'd like. I totally bought him on a whim. Not a good idea!

I also realized that I'm not a huge fan of pinky white french resin, which was the skintone I had chosen for him. It's a pretty, delicate color, but prone to yellowing faster than other resins (the material that most BJDs are made of).

Also, his chest bugged me. The pectoral muscles seemed too long and his chest, overall, just seemed too skinny.

Although, I swear, this doll model continues to haunt me. He has recently been released in a beautiful tan skintone and with a new "sexy muscle chest". Gah! Aren't those sculpted muscles insane? Once again, I'm floored by him. I wonder if, with the right face-up (i.e. demphisized, zero-gloss lips; archy brows; hollowed out cheeks), this guy could be Jason?

No! I mustn't allow myself to think of that. I can't afford another doll right now. Mano's lips are too big anyway, right? Right?!


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3 Responses to “Hello/Goodbye, Mano”

  1. Ayren says:

    I really love the "pinky white french resin" but I must admit that Manos' sculpt does look better with the tan urethane *drool*
    But doesn't hubby get a little jealous with all those cyber hunks and resin gods around the house 😛

    Kara said: I must say, that tan urethane and new sexy chest is very tempting! And, yeah, my husband does give me a hard time about my guys. He's gotten really good at rolling his eyes or just nodding at the right times without listening when I talk about them. haha

  2. amalinaball says:

    Ah, Mano was very cute indeed. But when I compare him to pictures of Ethyn and Dom, I realise that they are a lot more likeable (to me, at least). His lips are maybe just a smidge too plump for my tastes…but I'm sure Mano has found a lovely home. 🙂
    Anyway, he does look a bit like Jason indeed! Who knows what the future holds, doll-wise?
    I personally am now setting my sights on the Dollshe Bernard (though definitely not buying straight from Dollshe!), though I am getting another doll for Christmas. It will probably be a while before I actually get enough money for a Bernard but I figure I can wait. I am still very much enamoured of my Christmas present; he arrives next week but I won't see him until the day itself! But waiting will just make it all the more pleasant when I finally get to open his box and get to "know" him. *squees*

    Kara said: Yeah, Mano's lips are a little too plump for me too. And yet, something keeps drawing me back to the tan Mano. I can't wait to see owner pictures of him and see if he still looks as good as he does in his official pictures.

    Ooo, a Dollshe Bernard! He's a cutie, that's for sure. I've seen many great looking Bernards on Den of Angels. I'm actually considering a Dollshe Saint somewhere down the road. I'm such a sucker for the Dollshe guys!

    What doll are you getting for Christmas? I'd love to see pictures of him sometime (after Christmas, of course). I'm so excited for you though! Congrats on your first BJD!

  3. Half-Imagined » Blog Archive » The Search for Jason says:

    […] then there's also the tan Mano to consider (I mentioned him in my previous post). Here are some additional pictures of the new tanned […]

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