What's My Name?

March 21st, 2012

I actually took these photos last week, but forgot to post them here. However, she finally has a name now.

What's My Name? (1 of 6)

Meet Krumbs McGee! :) Krumbs wasn't on my list, but I was looking at my World of Warcraft characters this past weekend and stumbled across "Krumbs" my gnome warrior. The name has always cracked me up and it suddenly struck me that it would be a perfect name for my new Lati Yellow.

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What's My Name? (3 of 6)


What's My Name? (4 of 6)

Story time! I found out she loves the Care Bears.

What's My Name? (5 of 6)

I got out my childhood Care Bear for her to play with. Tenderheart Bear is my most favorite Care Bear.

What's My Name? (6 of 6)

Krumbs actually likes Cheer Bear or Love-a-Lot the best, but I don't have either of them. Tenderheart is a good substitution though. ;)



Krumbs McGee (Lati Yellow 2010 H.K. Bloody Moon Miel)
outfit and beret by Jadeness Couture
boots from Ruby Red Galleria
wig by Lati (Limited Christmas Lea's wig)
eyes from Ginarolo (10mm Neo-Glass Teal)
face-up by Andreja


2 Responses to “What's My Name?”

  1. Mom says:

    Oh I love the name Krumbs McGee!!!!!!!!!! It is perfect for her. What a precious Lati Yello Miel and outfit she is wearing. Her Neo-Glass eyes are perfect. Braids are great on her and the pick shows off her spikiness. Yes Cheer bear adn Love-a- Lot were your fave but I agree Tenderheart is great for her. I love Tender Heart putting his had on Krumbs shoulder–ahhhh!!is that a Carebear book or photo album?? i love your photographs and with the way Krumbs eyes are she looks so Huggable. Love Mom :up: :XO:

  2. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    Thank you, Mom! Her new name is hilarious to me. I get a smile every time I think of it. That's a mini Carebear book. I also have some mini Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake books. So cute! I got them from Barnes & Noble—they have a lot of mini-books there that are perfectly size for my dolls.

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