The Search for Jason

December 10th, 2007

Someday, I'd also love to have a BJD that could represent Jason. He's a hard one to find a doll for though. Firstly, I don't know of any molds that would really fit his character. Secondly, he'd have to be about 68-70cm so that he'd be in the same size range as Brandee and Tahlvin and that really narrows down the field of possible dolls.

There's one doll that has caught my eye. He's Spinel, a new BJD done as a joint project between Soom & Elfdoll. The face-up would have to be different, of course. The current one is wonderful, but looks a little too "good" for Jason. I love Spinel's profile, chin, jaw and lips though. The only problem with him is he's only 65cm tall. That's 3cm shorter than Brandee. Damn! He has a nice looking body too (great abs!). I wonder if his head would fit on (and match in resin tone) a Hound/Dollshe body (like Ethyn's) or a Unidoll Jace body (like Dominik's)?

Spinel has also been released as a basic edition at Soom, and oddly, looks a bit like Prince in the sales pictures. Kind of weird. Prince is cute, but… On further reflection, although I like the mold (but not as Prince), I don't think this one will work as Jason. He just doesn't have that certain spark that Jason has.

And then there's also the tan Mano to consider (I mentioned him in my previous post). Here are some additional pictures of the new tanned Mano:

But, yet again, I don't think this is the guy that could represent Jason. I'm still fascinated with this guy; however, the lips continue to bug me. They would need a lot of mod work to make them not quite as full.

There is another option though I'm not sure if I want to do it. Doll in Mind has an artist who sculpts heads based on pictures that a person sends in—in other words, you are commissioning him to sculpt a doll head for you. These are called Minimee heads. Most people have celebrities sculpted so they can have their own Marilyn Manson, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, JRock idol, etc. doll. They also have themselves sculpted as dolls (i.e. mini-me). I could do this with Jason and have the artist sculpt a head based on what Jason looks like in the Sims 2.

Great idea, right? There are a few drawbacks though. One, it's expensive—it'll cost almost much as buying two heads ($380 USD), which is exactly what you are buying…two heads (in comparison, a Dollshe Hound head costs $150 USD). There is no discount if you only want to buy one. You must buy two, I'm not sure why. Next, there's the fact that I'm on a fence as to whether or not I like most Minimees. Some of the celebrity ones are just a bit too realistic, if you know what I mean. They have that odd look of looking like their real-life counterpart and yet still looking like a doll. I find it both creepy and yet fascinating (perhaps it's the uncanny valley theory).

And last, if I did this for Jason, then I'd have to do this for Brandee and Tahlvin as well because it would look weird for them to look like dolls but have Jason look more realistic. This last point brings up another problem. Not only would it be expensive and I would have extra heads for each of them, but I'd have to find bodies that would work for the heads. I know the Dollshe bodies (like Ethyn's) work for the male heads (with some modding of the body's neck), but it's harder to find a female body that works with the Minimee heads. I know there are some SD-sized (around 60cm) bodies that work, but I don't want Brandee to be that short compared to Tahvlin and Jason (they would be around 70cm).

So, summing up, I don't know of any current doll on the market that could represent Jason. I will either have to be patient and hope that some company comes out with a doll that could represent him, or I could have a custom Minimee head sculpted, which would then mean I'd have to do the same for Brandee and Tahlvin. Decisions, decisions… I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.


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3 Responses to “The Search for Jason”

  1. amalinaball says:

    Oooh, that sounds expensive…
    Eeeek, Jason is so lovely and I'm sure if you could get a doll to represent him it would be brilliant. But sometimes, it might be better to work out which characters are most important to you and get BJDs of them.
    But I'm sure you'll find a solution somehow, Kara – the answer will probably pop into your head when you're least expecting it!

    Spinel is beautiful, but maybe you're right about him. His face is gorgeous, but in a kind of a different way than Jason's.

    The tan Mano – wow, also quite a lovely doll. But again, he doesn't seem to fit what I envisage Jason (as a humble reader ;)) to look like. He looks a little too pouty to me – kind of man-child, where Jason is so clearly a grown man. Hehehehe…

    And I know what you mean about Minimees…*shudder*…scary. My cousin has one of Ozzy Osbourne and it really freaks me out. He has to shut it in the cupboard when I visit because it gives me the creeps. But he adores it. I suppose it's all whether or not you like things more on the realistic side or not.

    I think I see your dilemma…

    Oh, and because I can't resist – my boy is finally here! But I won't see him until Christmas Day…bah…
    He's sitting on my parent's bed, probably all curled up and claustraphobic in his box. Poo! I want him so badly, it's hard waiting.

    Kara said: Gah, I know. Sooo expensive. Plus, the more I think about it, I think I want them to look like dolls rather than too real. Although, it's funny, sometimes it seems that the dolls that look more like, well, dolls have more of a spark to them then dolls that physically look more realistic. I hope you know what I mean, I don't know if I'm explaining myself very well. ^_^;

    Eeee! And I'm so excited for you! At least you know your boy made it in time for Christmas even if you can't have him in your arms until then. Seriously, you must take pictures when you get him. I want to see him! 😉 heehee Which doll did you decide to get?

  2. amalinaball says:

    I keep forgetting to mention what doll he is, hahahaha. 😉
    He's actually not a very expensive doll comparatively, because I think that getting into the hobby at the higher end of the money-scale could prove dangerous for someone as thrifty as me. Plus I don't know if a big doll would fit in our house; the building is late Victorian and just not big enough.
    So I have got an Angel of Dream doll, about 43cm. He cost (with eyes, face-up and wig)…well, let's see…without shipping costs, about £100. Which is pretty good – plus free clothes, following the special Christmas event. I love how fairylike the mould is (it's the Chi mould)!

    But even more exciting news – my parents let me have a look at him early, just for a few minutes to ensure he was the right one. And, oh my gosh, he was. I expected his resin to be a little cheap in comparison to my cousin's dolls, but it wasn't. It's pure white and really beautiful. We asked for a slightly less pink face-up than in the pictures, and that's what we got. He even has undies! But then he went away again, but I don't mind as much. I know he's there, and he's the right one, and I really like him a lot already – so I'm happy! 🙂
    You read about all sorts of nasty mishaps from AOD, but he was lying serenely in his pillow, not a scratch on him. And I'm so relieved – only 2 weeks to go! I know I can make it!

    Kara said: Is it this little Chi vampire boy that you got (second doll down)? He's so precious! Although I've heard heard the horror stories you mentioned about their arrival, I've also hear that AoD's quality is nice so I'm glad to have that confirmed. They make some really cute/good-looking dolls. And that's awesome that you got a free set of clothes with him—now he won't freeze. 😉 Congrats to you and Merry Christmas!

    P.S. Are you "Meiji" on DoA? I stumbled upon the Angel of Dream official thread this morning and saw feedback left by a girl who had a remarkably similar story to yours, so I'm assuming it's you. 😉 (Love the Sims 2 avatar, by the way.) Oh, and I'm "AtomicSpaceKitty" on DoA just in case you see me around.

  3. amalinaball says:

    Indeed I am "Meiji".
    I am "amalinaball" when I play the Sims 2, and I like to keep different names sometimes. Hehehehehe…I have no idea why, but now I feel like a secret agent! 😉
    Yes, that's Chi. I don't like the custom face-up, but the one I got is much nicer. I can't wait to snap my own pictures of him!
    And, oh dear oh dear, I seem to be taking up a lot of your comment space. I shall cease now, until the next post! I hope you don't mind. 🙂

    Kara said: I don't mind you commenting at all! As I've said before, I love talking about BJDs and, unfortunately, my husband does not so it's nice to talk to other people with the same interests (and my husband is happy because then I don't have to talk about them with him). heehee

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