Little Deer…or Dear?

September 2nd, 2013

Little Deer...or Dear?

Let me formally introduce Phred (pronounced "Fred")!

This little dear was my birthday present from my husband this year. She's the 2009 H.K. Unicorn Coco by Lati Yellow. I was lucky enough to receive the full set of accessories with her (her unicorn horn, wings, hooves, human legs, extra hands, outfit and wig). However, as much as I like her as a unicorn, I decided to turn her into a little deer after seeing some adorable horns at Sparrow's Shop.

She's so sweet! And she's my third Coco sculpt (in addition to Mei, my Lati Yellow Coco from the Aladdin collection; and Wednesday, my Lati Green Coco). I'm a sucker for Cocos. :)


Phred (Lati Yellow 2009 H.K. Unicorn Coco)
outfit and bunny hair clip by Dollygoround@etsy
headband by Camiliecouture@etsy
bracelet by yuhime@etsy
horns by SparrowsShop@etsy
wig by Shaggies (Denver Doll Emporium) (5-6" Ivy Frost fur)
eyes by Ethereal Angels (14mm Gumdrops in Totally Taupe)
face-up by Latidoll


3 Responses to “Little Deer…or Dear?”

  1. Alasse says:

    She looks gorgeous and I love deer girls and boys. Congrats on getting her and what a sweet husband you have!

  2. Mom says:

    Oh it has been so much fun seeing her in person and having her visit. She is a "doll" as are your other Cocos. Wednesday being very special :lol:

  3. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    @Alasse: Thank you! At the moment, I'm quite enamored with girls and boys with horns. And, yes, he is a pretty great guy. :XO:

    @Mom: I'm glad that you had a chance to see her a couple of time in person this summer. I had a lot of fun with you and Dad.

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