Rainy Day Play

March 22nd, 2012

Rainy Day Play (1 of 5)

Luckily, even when it's raining outside, the Wee Ones can ride around inside.

Rainy Day Play (2 of 5)

They decided they were going on adventure: to the moon!

Rainy Day Play (3 of 5)


Rainy Day Play (4 of 5)

Huff! Puff! They did their best to reach escape velocity.

Rainy Day Play (5 of 5)

It wasn't long before they got tired of trying to get to the moon and decided to go find some snacks instead. ;)



Krumbs McGee (Lati Yellow 2010 H.K. Bloody Moon Miel)
outfit and beret by Jadeness Couture
boots from Ruby Red Galleria
wig by Lati (Lati Yellow Limited Christmas Lea's wig)
eyes from Ginarolo (10mm Neo-Glass Teal)
face-up by Andreja

Scout (Lati Yellow Byurl)
cardigan and camisole by Aireedhelien@etsy
hat by Liv (from Hayden Outdoor Fashion Doll)
wig by Monique (5-6" Penny in Carrot Red)
eyes by Dollshe (12mm Earth)
premium face-up by Latidoll w/ enhancements by me


2 Responses to “Rainy Day Play”

  1. Mom says:

    Oh my gosh what a cute short story for rainy day? Krums and Scout sure have cute toys. How did you get the photographs to look like they are speeding around!!!!???? I was impressed. No wonder they needed a snack. Love 8O

  2. AtomicSpaceKitty says:

    heehee! I love their little tricycle and car too. It was kind of hard to get Krumbs to stay on the trike though. Whenever I'd move it, she'd fall right off. haha! The "speed trails" were done in photoshop. :)

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