Laid Bare

December 23rd, 2007

Laid Bare -- Tahlvin Shadowtalon

Laid Bare -- Tahlvin Shadowtalon

Laid Bare -- Tahlvin Shadowtalon

Laid Bare -- Tahlvin Shadowtalon

Laid Bare -- Tahlvin Shadowtalon

Laid Bare -- Tahlvin Shadowtalon

Laid Bare -- Tahlvin Shadowtalon

Laid Bare -- Tahlvin Shadowtalon

A funny story about Tahlvin's head and body: I bought them at two different times off of the Den of Angels' Marketplace (the head was purchased way back in July, and the body was purchased at the end of September), and yet they both orginally started out together. You see, I first bought the head from Sabriell in July. She wasn't selling the body as she was going to use it for something else. I placed an ad on the DoA Marketplace stating that I was looking for a Dollshe body. Sabriell contacted me in mid-September, after having seen my ad, and wanted to know if I would like to purchase the Dollshe body she was selling. I asked her if it was the body that went with the IM Hound head that I had purchased earlier. It was! So, head and body have once again been reunited after a short separation.

wig by Kon'D
metallic eyes by Volks
handcuffs ?? (I got them a while ago on eBay)


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6 Responses to “Laid Bare”

  1. Tanya says:

    He's gorgeous without his paint, so he's going to be amazing once he's all finished *drools* And I'll keep all thoughts about Tahlvin and handcuffs to myself …. ;)

    Merry Christmas Kara!

    Kara said: Merry Christmas to you too, Tanya! :) And I have no idea what thoughts you could be having about Tahlvin and handcuffs. *whistles innocently*

  2. Lani says:

    Dark without being creepy – which is nice since I don't like gore. Yes, dream like. It would be interesting to play with sheer fabrics while he is in this unpainted state. (not to be confused with playing under the fabrics with him)

    I remember having a dream of myself under a sheet with my arm sticking out holding a cup. I don't know why I am reminded of it.

    Anyway, I am glad you're having fun with your bjd! It's great to tag along. Talk to you soon!

    Kara said: Sheer fabric is a good idea. I think I might have some laying about. I also like the imagery of an arm sticking out from under a sheet, clutching a cup. Isn't it funny how dream images can leave so much of an impression on us?

  3. Mom says:

    I find him introspective yet seeking beyond what he finds. His non-completed being leaves more to the imagination; yet, there is a beauty about him. The chains could be what he needs to rid himself of in this life to grow and now develop into–not a patch work–being.

    I am so glad John was able to achieve his goal . We miss you but it would have been like these chains if he was constantly worrying. Love you so much. XXXXXX00000 Mom

    Kara said: Thank you so much, Mom! I love your interpretation of the pictures. And, I'll talk to you soon! I'm glad you've had a wonderful Christmas so far.

  4. Christy says:

    Found this from DOA and must say your photos are wonderful and (assuming photoshop) masking with textures – brilliant!!! (oh and I see you've linked me, I'll link you back, how's that? ^^) I will visit more often!! ^_^…..christy

    Kara said: Thank you so much, Christy! I'm very shy and haven't gotten up the nerve to comment on your blog yet, I'm very much blown away by your photography. You're definitely one of my inspirations.

  5. shinya says:

    wow… i'm really blown away by this. the IM hound actually looks better without faceup IMO.

    … as of dreams, as I was reading the past comments I'm reminded of my own dreams myself — I was looking over a landscape full of glass coffins piled up on each other, and there were bandaged people inside -and i happen to know all these people irl-. Now that is my best dream ever^___^ (but really creepy 0_0!)

    Kara said: Wow, that does sound creepy. I've always been fascinated by dream imagery. I like how while you're dreaming the surreal can seem very normal and then upon waking whatever you experienced can seem creepy or just plain strange.

  6. Mel says:

    Hi Kara,

    I've not written to you before, but have been a fan for quite a while. I just wanted to say, the second to last image of Tahlvin, where he's lying down, would look pretty awesome if he were lying on a mirror, with his image looking back at him. Awesome job with these! I don't know very much about the dolls, but it's eery how you found one that was so close in image to the character!

    Kara said: Thank you so much, Mel! That's a great idea with the mirror too. I need to keep that in mind for a future photoshoot. And, yeah, I feel lucky that this doll seems to embody the character of Tahlvin so well!

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