Worlds Apart: Brandee and Tahlvin

November 30th, 2007

Warning/Plea: Very long, rambling post, but I'd love your opinions on some things if you have time so I hope you're able to wade through it.

As some of you may have guessed (i.e. amalinaball πŸ˜‰ ), I'm working on putting together BJDs of Tahlvin and Brandee from Worlds Apart (an urban fantasy story illustrated with pictures taken inside the Sims 2 game).

I already have the body and head for Tahlvin, although they are as yet unpainted/unmodded. He is being based on an IM Hound ("IM" stands for impressive). Although he is a Hound like Ethyn, his face mold has some differences most notably in the scowling brow and the down-turned mouth. To give you some further examples of this doll model, here are some pictures of Yenna's IM Hound. Please note, however, that she sanded off the wrinkles of his brow. I happen to like the scowl though and think it will work well for Tahlvin. And, if ever I don't want him to be scowling, I can hide his forehead with the bangs of his wig.

I'm currently on a waiting list to have Sera of CherryStreet Dolls do his face-up and facial mods. I picked Sera because I fell in love with a Remy LeBeau (Gambit of the X-Men; 5 rows down, middle picture) commission she worked on in the past. I have a lot of mods I want done in addition to his face-up too: elf ears, two earrings in his right ear, hollowed cheeks (to make it look like he has cheek bones), shorter nose and rounder chin. The last two mods (nose and chin) I may attempt to do myself (maybe…I'm a bit nervous about it). As to when this will all be done, I'm not sure. I'm one of the last people on Sera's waiting list (I think there are about 20 people listed before me), so it looks like it won't be until next year sometime. I hope it's before summer though. One thing this hobby has taught me is patience, but I'm not that patient!

For his body mods, I'm hoping to commission Suzy at Switchblade Aesthetics as she does some awesome tattoo work, and where would Tahlvin be without his tatts? I'd also like to have her add some scarring to his forearms and chest, paint his fingernails black, and blush his torso, hands and feet.

It hasn't arrived yet, but I've already ordered his wig. I think it's a fairly close match to his in-game hair. However, I'm having a bit of trouble picking out his eyes.

The above are the eyes he wears in the Sims 2 game—Enayla's cloud eyes. They look grey with perhaps a tint of blue; however, in the game and in in-game pictures, they look light blue to me. So far, I've narrowed my choices down to: Masterpiece Eyes in Dresden or Frisco Bay, or Gumdrop Eyes in Blue Danube or Stormy Blue. What do you think?

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4 Responses to “Worlds Apart: Brandee and Tahlvin”

  1. Dektora says:

    Such a great project. I can't wait to see the finished product myself!

    Tahlin's eyes: I personnaly think the Masterpiece Dresden pupils are a bit small compared to the sim version, but it may be an interesting look for what I know. I love the color of the Frisco Bay one though.
    I've never seen elf BJD before, I'll have to google a few pics up.

    Brandy's face: I don't really see Brandee in these, but I don't know her as much as you πŸ˜‰
    I think the Ipsae looks more innocent but the shirt pics you linked to show that she can be very sexy too. The Lisa doll looks more sexy in a dangerous way. "I dare you to…", if you know what I mean. She would be more pirate Brandee to me I guess.
    So it seems I'm leaning toward Ipsae. Plus, it's such a beautifull name…

    Good luck on the patience part, you're gonna need it. I'm rather patient myself, but whan I want something really hard, I tend to turn into a spoilled brat. And I can imagine how hard you want to have these two finished, so I share your pain, hehe πŸ˜€

    Kara said: haha! Now maybe you understand my trouble in trying to pick out a doll to represent Brandee. I'm continually going back and forth on which one to get. At least I have time to think about itβ€”I can't afford to get her until late Spring 2008 anyway (since I want to buy her wardrobe when I buy her). As for the eyes, the small pupils don't look as bad as you'd think. I have some small pupil eyes in Ethyn right now and they actually look good, and better than some of the larger pupil eyes (scale-wise).

  2. amalinaball says:

    *drool* Pretty, pretty dollies…

    The IM Hound is amazing, I can see little similarities with the fabulous Sim-Tahlvin which make me think, "Wow!" I personally like the Dresden eyes for their colour, but the Stormy Blue are lovely as well; and maybe the Dresden pupils are a little small. But I can see why you are struggling to pick! πŸ˜‰

    With Brandee (beautiful expression on her Sim-picture, by the way), I lean towards Ipsae because you said that you think of her as innocent and naive. Though goodness knows that Lisa is a gorgeous doll, her pout and general sultry expression makes me think that perhaps she's not as able to pull of the innocent look as well as Ipsae. Plus, I think Ipsae is capable of looking "sexy/dangerous" in your hands. Her face just seems to have more expression in it than Lisa's.

    You've made two other dolls completely individual characters, but they are both extremely loveable. I am sure that with Tahlvin and Brandee, two characters you have had in your mind for a lot longer than Dom and Ethyn, you will work wonders with the finished products! (Hey, and maybe your husband will take a shine to Tahlvin, it being an old WoW character'n'all) πŸ˜€
    Good luck with everything!

    Kara said: Thank you, amalinaball! I took some pictures of the new IM Hound/Tahlvin this past weekend. Yum! Even without his face-up, body blushing and tattoos he's gorgeous (of course, I'm biased).

    The Dresden and Stormy Blue eyes are my top picks as well. I'm having the hardest time choosing between them. However, I did try some other Masterpiece eyes and Gumdrop eyes in Tahlvin this past weekend and I think I like the size of the Gumdrop iris the best. The Masterpiece iris seems little too big for the IM Hound's eye size. So, I guess that helps me make my decision!

  3. Tanya says:

    For Tahlvin's eyes I'd say either the Dresden or Stormy Blue, with Stormy as the leader at the moment. And definitely Ipsae for the Brandee doll. That male Saint is rather gorgeous isn't he *joins in the drooling*

    Kara said: Looks like we like the same eyes! And thanks for the vote for Ipsae. Those Saints are just…gah! I remember when I first saw the mold, I wasn't too sure about him, but he's really been getting under my skin lately and I've become so enamored. He has such an unusual and intense look. I love his cheekbones too. I will definitely be getting one someday, I just need to decide if I want a tan Saint or an NS (normal skin) Saint. Well, and I need to finish my current doll projects. πŸ˜‰

  4. Lani says:

    For Tahlvin's eyes

    my first thought when I saw the Dresden color was – that's a nice color. And when I saw Frisco Bay I thought – that's an unusual color. (I didn't care for the others) But I think you have to keep in mind skin tone and hair color and if possible look at all three colors together and see which combination you like the best.

    As far as Brandee is concerned I think the reason why you are having such a difficult time is the Ipsae doll is more innocent looking and the Lisa doll more sultry. So it depends if you want Brandee to look more naive or sexy. Both are stunning. I like the Lisa doll better – there's a little more going on behind the eyes.

    I'm sure whatever you choose will be perfect. And I think it's a bold move! One girl to three guys! It's goin to get ugly up in heah. . .

    Kara said: Yeah, it's really hard to tell what the eyes are going to look like when you just see them in a picture. They usually end up looking quite different when they are in a doll. I will probably just have to take the plunge and buy my two favorite pairs then I can try them in the head itself and see which I like the best. Those Gumdrop eyes really are amazing in person and reflect the light so beautifully.

    As for Brandee, I think you're right. Ipsae does project the more innocent vibe while Lisa projects the sultry. However, so much can be determined by the face-up and the eyes that will be put in her.

    "One girl to three guys!" I know! Very luck girl, is all I can say. πŸ˜‰ Tahlvin will be beating off the others all the time, I'm sure.

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