The Wee Ones Diorama

October 2nd, 2014

Wee Ones Diorama (1 of 5)

These are some older photos from earlier this summer (I'm playing catch-up). I'll have to take some updated photos sometime since the Wee Ones are now wearing different clothes and have new toys.

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Biscuit the Kitten

September 26th, 2014

Biscuit the Kitten

Biscuit continues the gaming theme by wearing a Pacman sweater (Joe is wearing a Mario shirt and Krumbs also has a Pacman sweater. They are all in the same diorama together.)

Thanksgiving Helpers

November 23rd, 2011

Thanksgiving Helpers (1 of 7)

So the Wee Ones said they would make desert for Thanksgiving. I readily agreed as I don't like to cook. But, I soon realized there might have been a miscommunication. I asked them if they thought they were making their treats too small; after all, almost everyone in the house is bigger than these little ones.

I told them that perhaps it would be better to make one ginormous (compared to them) desert (i.e. pumpkin pie, please). They disagreed and said they would just make a lot of regular-sized (compared to them) deserts. What could I say to that? I guess we'll just be eating mini-sized treats on Thanksgiving. More room for dinner, I guess. 😉

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Birthday Stuff: From Mom

I love horses of all kinds, even if they are just carousel or rocking horses. I was so excited to get this awesome rocking horse from my Mom. Scout immediately decided it was perfect for her.

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Birthday Girl

June 21st, 2011

Birthday Girl (1 of 5)

Yesterday was my birthday, and the Wee Ones were excited to celebrate it. They love my birthday because not only do they get cake but they know that it will more than likely mean presents for themselves as well. And, in this case they were right!

Over the next few days, I'll post pictures of my dolls with their (my!) new gifts.

Meanwhile, in the picture above, the stuffed good luck cat and the stuffed piglet are from my sister (so cute!). The dress that Wednesday (Lati Green Coco) is wearing is from my mom (I love it!).

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