Brooding Hero

July 9th, 2010

I got tagged by one of my livejournal friends to say ten things about my character Tahlvin. So, I decided to take some pictures of him since it's been forever since I'd done so. Amazingly, even though it was deathly hot, the picture session went really well. Yay!

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Author's Note:  For those of you not familiar with my Sims story The Monster and the Maiden, here is a quick introduction to the characters who appear here:

Edmond le Strange: Edmond is a mage who fled France for America after coming under the thrall of a curse. This curse turned him into a creature that feeds on blood although he is insistent that he's not a vampire. During the main story line of The Monster and the Maiden, he tries to find a way to rid himself of the curse.

Emily Shadowtalon: Emily is obsessed with learning anything and everything she can about the supernatural. In fact, in university, she majored in paranormal studies and became a paranormal investigator after she graduated. In The Monster and the Maiden, she first meets Edmond le Strange when she's a child. This fueled her obsession with the paranormal as she was convinced that he was a vampire. He insisted he was not, but she knows he's hiding something and she will not give up until she figures out his secret.

Tahlvin Shadowtalon: Tahlvin is an elf and a mercenary for the Wraith Warriors, an organization owned and run by his family. He is also Emily's father.

This little photostory can be considered as taking place in the future, after the main story is over (I'll do my best not to reveal any major spoilers from the main storyline).

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Well, here it is: my first photostory. In case you're not familiar with my dolls or their characters, this chapter stars:

Ethyn Regret, an actor who is currently trying to deal with a scandal concerning him and his rock star roommate. He is also getting ready to go on location to film his new movie.

Tahlvin Shadowtalon, an elf who works for the Wraith Warriors, a company that provides mercenaries and operatives to other businesses or governments for a fee. He seems quite amused by the drama that seems to have recently gripped the household.

Julian Nomad is the lead singer and songwriter for the industrial rock band NOMAD. As the other person caught up in the scandal, he's been trying to figure out how to talk to Ethyn about it all.

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Shadow Elf

January 4th, 2009

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Since I was never completely happy with Tahlvin's previous face-up, I had elisa_maza of Angel Toast Mods & Face-ups do a new face-up for him. She did an excellent job on him and captured the look I wanted. I totally love him now!

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Isle Challenge #1

June 8th, 2008

On flickr, I belong to a photography group called Isle of Misfit Toys that is "both a critique and a photo challenge board for BJD dolls." We had the first challenge this week.

Isle Challege #1 (3 of 3)

Challenge #1 Triptych: DOF and Crop

The challenge was to create a triptych of your doll to practice various photography and editing techniques. The first picture was to be a full to 3/4 body shot that was fully in focus with the aperture of the camera stopped down below f/9. For the second picture, you were to zoom or move in closer to the doll and open the aperture to f/4 or below to demonstrate depth of field/bokeh (the blurring effect). The third picture was then to be cropped out of the first picture to highlight a point of interest.

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